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=Information Archive 5=
(Note: This is only an archive. Do not add new posts here.)

Hehe, and DBZ again now... Why have you replaced the screenshot of -Totsugeki Hen- with -Kakusei Hen-?

Undo it :)


So, what you're saying is... Before, I had the wrong game, but the right screenshot... and now I have the right game, but the *wrong* screenshot? ...I am so incredibly confused by this whole mess. =P

By the way, I've uploaded an untagged version of Kakusei-Hen here. At least, I *think* that's the right one. Anyhow, if you can provide titles (since you seem to know a bit about the games), I'll be able to officially release it.

Hehehe, no problems with your mess :P

Sucks, I just know the game titles but can't provide any track titles since I didn't really played both games... always disliked those two XD So I'm apologize.

Can't you just name them after the numbers? exactly like they are in the option tests? I believe not :P

But I'll keep it just like it is :) thanks a ton!!

Just a little something I noticed about the wrecking Crew 98 set, the track I recently submitted called "Golden Hammer" should have (original) next to it like the other ones that are original do.
Also there are three voice samples exclusive to the European version of Kirby's Avalanche called "Kirby's Ghost Trap" I ripped with Snes9x.On a similar note, I have redumped all the voice samples in Spectre and also added a new one! - Kirby's Ghost Trap samples - Spectre samples
Forgot One small thing. In the game Famicom Tantei Club Part 2: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo there is a missing .spc that is missing. After the FDS bios leaves, there is a clicking noise that you would hear on a real Disk System that signifies the disk is inserted, so I named it "Disk inserted" but there is a problem with that because another spc in the set has that exact name so the one in the set already should be called "Disk Loading" I'll post the two files to prevent confusing.

- nensondubois - The last voice sample from spectre, finally!

All sets by me are discontinued until further notice due to possible corruption. I will redump the stuff though...

There is no track listing for this game.
No any other information really. Is it because you have screenshot only for this game?

It's because the file-naming scheme used for that one is incompatible with the script the site uses (as it's actually *two* soundtracks). I've found a decent enough way around it, though, so sometime in the future, I'll update it.
I have another set. This time it's FIFA Soccer 96!
It is missing only one voice sample - nensondubois
I can dump the vocal sample, as well as tag it. It's likely the EA Sports logo.

- KungFuFurby
I found two extra spcs for Super Mario RPG! One is the original tadpole pond heard the first time and the others are just weird. I found them in the game.

I also ripped BS Kirby no Omocha Hako, completely
- nensondubois
Pagemaster, The is done by me!
- nensondubois
I updated the song "Password Screen" in Mega Man X so that you can listen to it on a PSP with SNES9X. Also; No songs from Mega Man X 7 play on the PSP port of SNES9X.
- nensondubois

Thank you, nensondubois! I was working on that set... however, you managed to not get a tune at the first note. Timed Zone A AKA the Password screen is a no-go, so I must redump the tune.

Vocal sample-wise, I wouldn't mind doing those, but I didn't bother with the vocals myself when I originally did the game.

You managed to collect at least 20 tunes. However, there is a possiblity someone will not keep the vocal samples in the set. I had a faster variation of Fantasy World as an extra tune.

- KungFuFurby
One of the tunes you dumped for Super Mario RPG sounds more like junk of some sort with some musical notes... sounds questionable to me. You also dumped the Ending Theme, which is not at the first note. The Tadpole Theme is permissiable, though, since it sounds like a variation.

Also, nice go with the two SPC sets! I'll consider FIFA Soccer '96 and Pagemaster, but not the BS Kirby game... to be honest, it's much harder for me to do a BS game than a non-BS game, and making matters worse, it's much harder to find staff rolls. I already had a hard time attempting to do some BS games...

- KungFuFurby
You didn't do that Kirby BS game and people did request it... IDK what mean by you finding credit listings in these games but it's been dumped.

Well, sometimes games that I beat do not contain staff rolls. Take for example Pit Fighter (a undumpable game). When you beat the game, you get a message saying, "The New Champion", and a Game Over screen, then back to the Title Screen. That's one example of a game with no staff roll...

- KungFuFurby
You might want to add a "Super Game Boy" Section! There are two games ripped by ugetab and me in that order - Small Soldiers - Hercules
- nensondubois - Also Forgot Toy Story
- nensondubois - Disney's Mulan
nensondubois I also tagged this one.

Composer for Uniracers has been found! I asked Mike Daily via his blog page, and he posted this: . The composer, based off of that info, is Colin Anderson. ^_^

- KungFuFurby

Here are all the Super Game Boy spc sets tagged and timed by nensondubois, ripped by ugetab and nensondubois. Don't ask me how I got the the files!

- anonymous
I've been doing the Super Gameboy ripping, while nensondubois has been tagging the sets.

Note that I recently updated all the sets on my page, because I figured out how to skip a step for ripping them, and it makes the sets a bit better. nensondubois has been trying modifications to the sets, such as screwed up versions of animaniacs tracks.

In case I end up updating some of the sets some more, you taggers should probably grab sets from here and reapply the tags:


I don't see why.
Why? Because now's the time when you'd be happy to have a simple project to waste some time on, and keep your mind occupied. It's also a good time to respond to stuff you'd likely just ignore.
ok? :/
New Pagemaster update. There are no secret songs and the timed bonus game and password are two different versions. I ripped both several times turning the same results.
Hate to admit it, but I got one more tune. Have you done a Fly with Fantasy level in Fantasy World yet? There's at least one, and that's where the last track is that I know of. Sorry, but I've also played this game, and I have noticed that all three worlds have at least one Fly with Fantasy bonus level, including Fantasy World. To be honest, sometimes we all make mistakes. I've had ripping problems myself before: War 2410's Game Over screen was just plain terrible for me to do, so I was forced to leave out a note for the time being...
Hmm... as for Timed Zone A and Password, (somehow I know Timed Zone A is still not ripped correctly, because I know that's not the first note) to me they sound the same. Is this a speed variation? If it is, it's too small for me to notice... sorry.

- KungFuFurby
Either the password is a different variation or both emulators dump it the same exact way. I dumped the password before the song started so it's flawless. Fly with Fantasy is in the set. Now for something interesting:
Also re dumped clean versions of Dr. Mario songs using my debug code

- nensondubois
I noticed a little noise sound at the beginning of the boss battle in Mario Paint so I redumped it. Also it Start at the exact begging.

- nensondubois
And the Game Over has a noise as well so I re-dumped that one too.
Sonic The Hedgehog is done.
I have more sets on the way.

- nensondubois
Sonic The Hedgehog is a rip-off of Speedy Gonzales for the SNES. Thus, no release. Sorry.

~ KungFuFurby
Shouldn't you link to it so people know?

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