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=Information Archive 4=
(Note: This is only an archive. Do not add new posts here.)

World Cup Striker has a confirmed composer thanks to Orchestral Media Development's website. The composer is Allister Brimble.

- KungFuFurby
Hi, what's up?

I was glad to see the new DBZ game have been finally dumped. The problem is, you've got mistaken -Totsugeki Hen- (-突撃編-) with -Kakusei Hen- (-覚醒編-).
The music is sure from -Totsugeki Hen- so fix it ;)

Anyhow, thanks a lot and I'll be wait for the real -Kakusei Hen- to be dumped ;)


Nice to point that out. However, I plan on getting to that game sometime and beating it... I have the ending password for the unreleased SPC set to a DBZ game. I am not available until August 13th, though, for any additional dumps.

- KungFuFurby
Here is the Golden Hammer song from the original NES Wrecking Crew game in Wrecking Crew 98. This is the same song used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I didn't tag it. I just dumped it with Zsnes.

,- nensondubois

Thanks! I'm glad you're around, because even I can miss some stuff, to be honest. ^_^

- KungFuFurby

I have a website that features music modifiers for games. I used this to get some brand new tunes for Granhistoria (at least 2 or 3) and La Wares (1 new jingle). If the data is not lost when the computer gets back, I plan on uploading the jingles and request that they be identified.

I also plan on uploading my incomplete sets, while I'll fully tag the following sets -

Final Set Tennis (My only complaint was that I got no staff roll after becoming the World Champion. Thanks to online sources, Super Indy Champ shouldn't be this big of a headache.)
Jammit (I had dumped eighty something vocal samples for this game! Now that's a bunch!)
Pagemaster (I was in the middle of looking for some secret tunes. The deal's off: I'm going to release this set before I attempt to find some more music.)
VS. Collection (Forget it: I would rather not bother looking for the ending at the moment... I have no idea what to do here. All of the games appear to be infinite looping... I have a composer, Pure Sound, and I've got all the music I could grab, so I think I'm good enough...)
Wile E. Coyote's Revenge (I have a way to access the sound test here, and I'm just about done with identifying this stuff...)

Here's what I had for progress on the other sets:

3x3 Eyes - Juuma Houkan (I was working on getting the second ending... once I had that done, I would have given this set the green light.)
Appleseed (I have a complete sound test dump, but I was working on the gameplay.)
Battle Soccer - Field no Hasha (Working on gameplay.)
Bomberman B-Daman (Well, I didn't need to score 100s out of all of these, but I still did not finish the game. I'll consider trying again...)
BreakThru! (I had no idea how many puzzles were in that game (A level modifier did not work.), and that made me suffer from general cluelessness...)
Carrier Aces (I had let the other side win, now I had to win. Well, I never got to it.)
Columns (Cluelessness with the identification of some of the tunes stalled this set.)
Cool World (Gameplay-related issues stopped this set, and what's worse - I did get to the staff roll using a code, and got no composer!)
Corn Buster (I got two composers thanks to online sources, and I was just about ready to wrap up and tag 'em.)
Edono Kiba (Lack of Japanese knowledge stalled the set, as I forgot to request a translation. I also needed to identify one track...)
Extra Innings (The sound test dump was complete, and I got a composer, but I didn't play the game that long. Apparently, that was a bad idea.)
F-1 World Championship Edition (I was working on the gameplay...)
F1 ROC - Race of Champions (So close... I was working on finishing the game and identifying all of the tunes. I came close, but not quite. I also had a composer.)
Gon (I was still in the middle of getting through the Arctic level of the game...)
Hebereke no Oishii Puzzle ha Irimasenka (I had yet to identify two tunes from the sound test.)
Hyper V-Ball (One tune was unidentified, still... out of ten tracks.)
Looney Tunes B-Ball (Did not finish getting those in-game tunes... and this is one of the trickiest I've run into!)
Mr. Tuff (I was working on the gameplay.)
NBA Live '97 and '98 (I was working on the gameplay: Season Mode to be more precise.)
NHL '95 - '98 (Never got far in any of these games.)
No Escape (I beat the game using a level modifier, but I didn't play through the levels! Bad idea on my part...)
Nolan Ryan's Baseball (I was working on the Japanese version.)
Power Drive (I was working with the Competition thing after becoming World Champion...)
Soreyuke Ebisumaru Karakuri Meiro Kieta Goemon no Nazo (I was working on gameplay.)
Supapoon DX (I was working on gameplay. I already had some extra tunes, which is why I said that this game should NOT be linked to Supapoon.)
Super High Impact (General cluelessness halted my progress. I had no idea how to access the staff roll!)
Super Loopz (I was working on Puzzle Mode.)
Virtual Soccer (I was working on the Japanese version.)
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars (I was working on Season Mode.)
Yam Yam (I came close once, but I accidentally corrupted my save file, so I started over. I got a few scenarios done.)
Zennihon GT Senshuken (General cluelessness halted my progress once I beat the game on the left and the right at the Title Screen. There was a staff roll, but I had no idea how to access it! ROM text proves it...)

This is provided that the data is preserved, so I can resume some. I will also plan on uploading the work I did so far, no tagging.

- KungFuFurby
That website is here.

You know what else I had as far as games go? I was working on Esparks. I had gotten just beyond the point where I got the time travelling ship.

- KungFuFurby

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