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==Information Archive 2==
(Note: This is only an archive. Do not add new info here. Simple composer additions have been archived here, instead.)

The Capcom Logo music should be moved to the beginning of any set that has the music. That's what I believe.

I know that the people who manage this site do not enjoy having an entire set reloaded when only a few SPC's are edited or replaced, but in the case of my personal EarthBound set, I have done so many changes that I probably don't remember all of them. Here are a few:
-Various spelling and capitalization corrections.
-Tracks that have been renamed and/or reordered
, Examples: "The Power (Alternate)" is actually the second part of "The Heroes Return"
-SPC's of the Mani Mani statue and the sphinx reripped with no need for channel muting

I could send my rsn file if you want it.


Make sure to look up the Region Map Wiki Page for games that have additional regions not covered here. I had to note that in case anyone gets confused.
I will also submit composer information I find either in-game or via MobyGames, whichever one I get to first. I already have a whole bunch in the archive.

I want to make a few things clear about proper capitalization. There are three main kinds of words that are not capitalized in titles.
- The articles (a, an, the).
- Prepositions (of, in, around, etc. including the word "to" when it introduces an infinitive)
- Coordinating Conjunctions (and, or, but, for, nor, yet)

Some words used as prepositions may be used as adverbs. Try moving the word to the end of the phrase. If it still makes sense, it's an adverb. (i.e. "turn over a page" can be rewritten as "turn a page over," thus the word "over" is an adverb).

Of course, the first and last words are always capitalized.

Let me know if anyone is confused or needs more help.

A question regarding "Tyrano Lair" from the Chrono Trigger Prerelease: Is it documented anywhere who really composed this track?
Since it's based on the same material as "Boss Battle 1", I would have thought that Noriko Matsueda was its composer (she composed "Boss Battle 1", while Uematsu arranged it). It's possible that this was the track she originally composed, while only the arranged version made it into the final version of the game. I can't find any information about it, though.

I noticed a weird mix up in tracks 24, 26, 28 in Final Fantasy V. I made the correction in my copy of the rsn a while back but I don't remember the exact details unless I investigate again. You can have my copy so you can compare it with your current one, but I don't know how would I send it.
- Win
I uploaded it. I hope this is okay.
- Win

The Rise of the Robots set has a bunch of errors in it. For instance, the "Battle Intro" isn't really used, "The Soldier" is the first track in the fighting missions when it should be "The Loader" (with Builder-Crusher-Combat Droid-Soldier-Supervisor, in that order). Ending might actually be battle information, but I'm not sure.

Some missing tracks include: Introduction cinematic music, some other cutscene music. I believe Richard Joseph composed most of the music and Brian May only contributed part of his "The Dark" to the score. So it should be primarily credited to Joseph with May only credited for "The Dark".


Hey, we had that case with Outlander before. Your composer information is confirmed by MobyGames: The composers for Rise of the Robots are Richard Joseph and Brian May. Yes, there are two composers. Also, you are also confirmed by YouTube for some of the missing music, although I presume that the Ending is the same as the Intro thanks to YouTube.

- KungFuFurby

I noticed that the Bubsy SPC was recently updated, but Hill Stream Blues is still timed to fade too soon. If you let it run to about 3:40, you'll hear the true ending of the song before it loops.

To be more specific, "Hill Stream Blues" from Bubsy should be timed to 6:29 + fadeout to meet the site standard of 2 loops. I can send an spc with the corrected timing, but I don't know if that's necessary since it's a simple fix.

Oops! I just remembered another mistimed song that I noticed awhile ago. "Stage Select 1" on Mega Man X is only set to loop once for some reason. To meet the site standard of 2 loops, it should be set to 0:48 + fadeout, not 0:24.

Renset isn't recognizing the Super Bomberman Panic Bomber W set, for whatever reason.

Some issues in current (as of 2008/2/16) sets:
-In the current (1.04) "Mother 2/Earthbound" set, the ID666 tags don't include track numbers.
-In the current (1.01) "Shadowrun" set, the songs "09 - Sleazy Bar" and "12 - Spirits of the Dead" have sound effects at their beginnings.
-In the current (0.04) "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island" set, the song "13b - Athletic (Stoned)" has a sound effect at the beginning.

I mentioned this a while back, but it hasn't been taken care of yet: In the Heracles no Eikou III set, someone needs to turn the Amplification down a bit on "Pegasus (After the Flood)". At its current setting of 18.0, there's noticeable clipping; it would sound better at 9.0 or so.

Rock 'n' Roll Racing
The track "Paranoid" is not ripped at the beginning!

Yeah, there are a lot of SPC rips not at the first note. In my case, it's my emulator that refuses to get this stuff at the first note.
- KungFuFurby

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