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Do you have any additional info on an SPC set? Or maybe you'd just like to point out a mistake in ordering. Or possibly a typo or spelling/grammar error in an individual track. If that's the case, then this is the place for you! If, however, you'd like to note missing composer info, do so here, instead.

(Archives: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Note to Ugetab and nensondubois: I downloaded that big zip of SGB SPCs, and I'm in the process of cleaning them up for release. However, the Pocahontas RAR was empty, so I... uh, can't do much with that.

Also, to anyone with hacking skills: would it be possible to find a music modifier code for Breath of Fire 1? While ripping/tagging the GSF set, I noticed a second unused song (not the infamous tavern song), and would like to know if it's present in the SNES version's code. A code to *silence* the music in the same game would also be nice, so I can isolate a musicalish sound effect. I'd also like "music silencer" codes for Lennus 2 and Zelda: Link to the Past, for similar reasons (musicalish sound effects played over the background music.) Any help would be appreciated.

I'm working on a music modifier for Zelda. I have already found a music modifier for Super Mario All-stars Mario 2 while trying to find unused music. Mario 1 and 3 are next along with Zelda 3 being on the list after the rest of Super Mario All-stars. As for Pocahontas; here it is and some other games.
- nensondubois

Well, I found three new sets in that zip... but the Pocahontas zip file is *still* empty. Take a closer look.
Anyhow, site update to come by the end of the week, with all the SGB sets.

Got it. Well, I can't use the Poko Nyan SPCs, because they're untitled. The rest are being prepped for update.
This is a redump of all of the songs in Super Mario World that are bad dumps (including noises at the beginning removed from Bowser Battles).

I also have Bomberman B-Damn and some other games dumped but tags and times are needed.
As for both Beach Volleyball (SGB) and Space Invaders (SGB), I have not tagged them.
Slick Mandela here. Long time no talk. Anyway, here's a missing song from Final Fight/Final Fight Guy: . It's the pause ditty.

The other link didn't work.
I also did a redump of the unused Bonus song from Zombies so there is no longer an explosion sound so the song plays as heard in game.

I didn't see this set so I dumped it. Enjoy
It is properly tagged with composer info and everything so it is not a mirror set from Zophar's Domain.
Also the composer for Mulan (SGB), Hunchback of Notre Dame (SGB), Toy Story (SGB) is Mark Ortiz. BS Zelda has tow bad dumps: "Dungeon" and "Triforce of Wisdom" but I'm too lazy to rip them!

- nensondubois
Some other info is lacking on those sets.
The Super Jukebox link is also broken.
And finally: More Tetris & Dr. Mario stuffs. The soundtrack is now complete.
- nensondubois?

Broken link.
Tetris & Dr. Mario
Also, the "unknown Fanfare" in Pro Mahjong Kiwame GB is "Winner". I should have noticed that when tagging.
- nensondubois?

That link doesn't work, either...
I'll send it via e-mail.
Grammar error

"These sets have been completely dumped, and most are fully timed, but lack of titles, track order, composer data, and in some cases, even company info and year of release, keep these from being officially added to the site. Feel free to download and add to them."

Should be changed to

"These sets have been completely dumped, and most are fully timed, but lack of titles, track order, composer data, and in some cases, even company info and year of release, keeping these from being officially added to the site. Feel free to download and add to them."

- nensondubois
The game "Street Racer" (srace.rsn) with a file size of 75,364 bytes and a CRC32 of 9D94BB51 appears to be listed wrong in the rsnsets.dat file. In that file, size is listed as 76,449 bytes with a CRC32 of 23DEED90. The download available from both the site and the torrent match the first set of information, not the information in the dat. :)
The two composers here should be merged under their correct last name counterparts (Fujita).
The head of the tune of track 9 was found cutting. Where to submit it is not understood though I made the corrected binary.
It is not likely to be able to react even if there is an answer because it is inconvenient in English.

Nine were found cutting head full of songs. I Akira Osamu everywhere will be submitted to the binary does not understand it. I do not respond even if you may be inconvenient, say in English.

Hi. I just wanted to point out that the Robotrek (aka Slapstick) set is missing the programmer's room theme. To get to the Programmer's Room, you have to equip the Cyber Jack and use the computer located at the hero's father's house on the overworld map. If you need a save state in the programmer's room, you can get one here:

Actually, Winamp seems to be able to play that ZST as a music file and it plays the Programmer's Room theme.


Hmm... interesting. I actually had Robotrek as a kid, and never even *knew* about that Programmers' Room until reading an FAQ much, much later. (Though I never got around to checking it out on emulator, either.) Kinda doesn't help that you have to backtrack a ridiculous amount to get to it, since "Dad" blocks the computer for the remainder of the game after finishing the tower... never even gave it a thought that it might have a unique song, either. Nevertheless, thanks for pointing that out! I grabbed an SPC via that ZST file, and it'll be put up in the next update.
I recently downloaded the latest torrent and found a couple of issues (probably already issues before the latest torrent).

Track number 2 ("Ready" mema-02.spc) of Metal Marines (mema.rsn) is missing data in the Album Title field. The rest of the files in the set are fine, but a quick fix on this one by the staff would be appreciated.

Also, tags for many tracks of Shin Momotarou Densetsu (smd.rsn) are coming up as garbage text, at least in foobar2000 (haven't tried Winamp). I'll work on getting that one fixed up and resubmitted.
- Schloss Ritter
i'm posting this here because i don't really understand the append system so i didn't want to try and get the information in the right section of the missing composer info page (not sure how since it has to be placed before the end of it and this is only an APPEND feature) and mess it up
anyways, i talked with george sanger via email a week or two ago about faceball2000 and he's revealed that there were actually three other composers/musicians responsible for the soundtrack
they are joe mcdermott, davit govett, and kevin phelan who were (are?) apart of team fat at the time
Track names for Mega Man X/X2/X3 should be renamed to match the ones from the official music collection:

Should these be kept as they are, I'd like to at least point out that track 30 of Mega Man X has a typo (Stigma should be Sigma).
The developer for Tetris 2/Tetris Flash should be listed as TOSE and/or Nintendo, not BPS (who developed the unrelated Super Tetris games)
also, according to KFF's composer info thread on the forums, the music was composed by Mitsuhiko Takano - "Elorg Sound Team" is a bit inaccurate, since Elorg was a division of the Soviet government responsible for licensing the Tetris trademark and probably never had a "sound team" so to speak :P
- Revenant
The Mac tagger ID666 Tag Editor has been updated. The only real change is a new Intel build of the program. PowerPC is still supported.

The homepage has also changed: Happy tagging!


Nosferatu appears to be missing a track, supposedly used in the latter half of level 1, it's named Pressure and you can hear it here -

Any ideas why it's not already included? (and if not, can the current soundtrack be updated to add it?)
- Enverex

Off-topic, but here is an SPC set for Super Wagyan Land 2 I made:
- Luciano
The forums have been down since mid-August 2019 (and there mostly haven't been updates since 2015 except for the Trials of Mana update), if any of you are curious about this site's inactivity...
- KungFuFurby

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