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=Help Wanted!=
This site has grown exponentially over the last few years thanks to the contributions of a number of people, but we could always use more help. This is where you come in. To contribute a set browse the games list until you find the game of which you want to send a set, then press the "send contribution" button.

=Member with Knowledge of Japanese Needed=
We would like to offer this site in Japanese and need someone to correct and extend the already existing Japanese text in the database. Also there are plenty of Japanese SFC games remaining which need good knowledge of Japanese for creating SPC sets of them. Any help in those regards is very welcome.

=Screenshots Needed=
Well, it seems we've accomplished our goal of getting screenshots up on every page!
Special thanks to the following:

- Dragon Fogel for compiling the original list of missing screenshots.
- Alfie Parthum for going through # to B.
- Safari Bans for going through C to F.
- Hr0n for 136 more.
- Slick Mandela, Chocoboko, 004040, and everyone else who contributed screenshots.

Mission Accomplished! Great job, everyone!

=Incomplete Sets=
This section is no longer necessary. See the forum for incomplete sets.

Another obsolete section. See the forum for details on these, as well.

BTW there are still missing screenshots for Ganbare Goemon 2-4 and the Blues Brothers
(Also, YelseyKing, remove the "dragon" comment)

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