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=Older Comments: Page 7=
I'm sorta new to this, but I downloaded the YSIII soundtrack and it came in RSN form, I renamed it to an RAR file and extracted the contents into my own folder and discovered they were all certificates and not music files. What did I do wrong and what can I do to fix this?

By the way, I love the site and the selection of music here, now if I could just play them, I'd be in business...

Well, first, you could start by posting your comments on the *main* comments page, rather than an archive... =P

At any rate, there's actually nothing wrong with the files on this site, nor did you do anything wrong. ".spc" files are -- normally -- apparently some sort of Windows-recognized "certificate" format, of which I really have no clue what they're for. In our case, however, they're just what this site suggests: SNES music, dumped directly from emulators. Head over to our Players page, and you'll most certainly find something you can use to, you know, actually get *music* to come out of them. If you have WinAmp, we strongly recommend SNESAmp. Hope that helps.

The only problem with SNESAmp so far is that two SPC sets do not work properly. We have those on the problematic page:

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
Clayfighter 2: Judgement Clay

- KungFuFurby
Why does surround sound in Seiken Densetsu 3 work correct or incorrect?

strange English, sorry...
I've been recently busting several sets for "incompletness". This includes some of the 004040 sets, some of the Slick Mandela sets, and some others. I'm actually doing the dirty work for some of these sets and dumping additional pieces of music. I'm serious with my work on completing games to some extent, but there are sets out here that could use a hand. I reccomend that if you can, please look up the sets and dump additonal SPCs for those sets. Also, if you can, please get a composer for some of these sets.

- KungFuFurby

The site should be updated very often.

Yeah... we all are busy at times. I have about 35 sets so far that haven't been up here that I've finished, and Micro Machines by Blitz Lunar is also done. That's quite incredible, don't 'cha think? That's accurate as of 4/7/08. I'd suggest that these be uploaded a few at a time.

I don't have a tagging application for the Mac to remedy this problem any better. The closest I can come to this is HexEdit, and that takes a while...

- KungFuFurby

I wrote a SPC Tagging program for the Mac. It's beta, but I think it does everything correctly. If not, I'll fix it.
Check it out:
Once I think it's complete, I'll put it up on and

- Squirrel

I am very thankful for this... I'll be your tester for that application. So far, it's doing very well. ;) I love it!

- KungFuFurby
Because some music of Dezaemon fell out, I added it.
(Japanese Tag, sorry...(><) )

I finished my SPC Tagger for the Mac. Feel free to link away:

- Squirrel

What emulator do you use to rip the audio?
- ?

Either SNES9X or ZSNES.
- KungFuFurby

I am still waiting for some RPG soundtracks.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Given that the better majority of the RPGs remaining are Japanese-only and have no translation patches, and given that nobody (active) in the SPC Dumpers group knows Japanese well enough to take on any, we have no choice but to rely on outside submissions for the time being. You're more than welcome to contribute.

I've taken on Yamato Takeru myself, believe it or not. I used a FAQ from GameFAQs to do the job. So far, I'm near Ise Country after battle Kumaso Takeru. If you want, I can release an incomplete version of this set.

I also have an incomplete dump for Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku. So far, I'm kinda stuck due to cluelessness in Japanese.

- KungFuFurby
As for "DBZ...Kakusei hen", a title is replaced with "DBZ...Totsugeki hen".
Also the name of "ROM".(^^

-auto translation
That Yamato Takeru RPG soundtrack is almost done. Hey, I think it'll be the first one in a while, but I'm up to the cave on the island by itself. That's right: I'm nearly done with this game. About 95% to be precise.

I'm doing this because I started this to expieriment with an RPG. Thanks to a walkthrough from GameFAQs, I have been able to get the job done, and it's almost ready. I have a possible composer already (Tomoyuki Hamada, based off of ROM text), and I have 37 pieces of music to count. One of the pieces of music is from when I went into Dead City... however, I started over after getting stuck at a boss. Consider me kinda gettting lost...

- KungFuFurby
I sent SPCfiles of lost DBZ games.
(Tag and Game Infomations are "a", sorry..orz)

I got three new RPGs on the way. They are Kerokero Keroppi no Bouken Nikki, La Wares (a discontinued set that I picked up), and Yamato Takeru. I played this stuff to sastify Anony's request for more RPG tracks... and I got them done!

In addition to those two, I also have two non-RPG games on the way. They are Pipe Dream and SD Kidou Senshi Gundam V.

- KungFuFurby
I nensondubois have a few ideas for this site
1. A popular section or something like this; It randomly picks the most popular downloads like "Random Pick" does.
2. A "Super Gameboy" Section for Game Boy Games that use the SPC700 DSP chip like Animaniacs, Small Soldiers and about 20 or so other games do. Just don't put it up just yet because I have not yet dumped any of those games to .SPC format but I will do so in some time. I have also realized that the Yoshi's Island unused songs were bad dumps and apologize for that but the Super Mario world was not.

Whoa... I didn't notice some of the games even utilized the SPC700 when plugged in to the Super Gameboy!

- KungFuFurby
Hi, what's up?

I was glad to see the new DBZ game have been finally dumped. The problem is, you've got mistaken -Totsugeki Hen- (-突撃編-) with -Kakusei Hen- (-覚醒編-).
The music is sure from -Totsugeki Hen- so fix it ;)

Anyhow, thanks a lot and I'll be wait for the real -Kakusei Hen- to be dumped ;)

Sorry, I didn't noticed to the Information Station link, so I have reported there as well. You can delete the comment above.

I'd just say I like the website much and this is my source for every SNES music needs!! :D

Thanks a lot.


Ack! I had a feeling I'd made a mistake with that one... someone submitted both sets via e-mail, but only called them "Dragonball Z" and "Dragonball Z 2". I took a guess... and apparently, I guessed wrong. Bah. =P

Anyhow, I'll fix this in the next update. I *do* have the other DBZ set, as I mentioned, but it lacks track titles, so I can't release it just yet...
Hi YK, how are you?

Hehe, that's okay. So someone already dumped the real -Kakusei Hen-? I have the only dump from Zophar's Domain but I always prefer to get them from here :P

Anyway, it's so easy to dump tracks from -Kakusei Hen- cuz you've got all of them in the option tests, before the game even beginning. So I hope it's release is closer :P

Thanks again YK.

Does anyone know what game this is from?
I check All Tetris 2 and bombliss games. I remember this from a Bombliss or Tetris Flash game.

Nevermind. It Tetris and Bombliss for the Famicom. I have sent in some .spcs by e-mail. Did anyone get them?

I'd be glad to look up the composer for you. I have an ending password for one of the games, and I will consider trying the other one. I'm not available at the moment, though, and I won't be until August 13th. Also, look for some new sets that I recently did before I left on July 29th in the next update! I did even more updates, and even more new sets!

- KungFuFurby

Speaking of which, I have a report as far as two of the unreleased SPC sets goes. I acutally tested SNESAmp on a Windows computer with a Title Screen dump of Clayfighter 2 (actually the Main Menu music) and We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story. Turns out they both suffer from what I call channel muting problems. They don't work with SNESAmp, so unless there's a bugfix or a hack to make 'em work, the deal's off for getting them on here. Please ask alpha-ii to update that SNESAmp to fix the bug...

- KungFuFurby

You could probably change the composer entry "Ippo" to "Ippo Yamada" and list his nickname as "Ippo".

Source =

- strugglepoo
There's a ton of composer names missing from the Final Fight 2 set.


- Bun Bun (Yasuaki Fujita)
- Mari (Mari Yamaguchi)
- Yuki (Yuki Iwai)
- Anie (Tetsuya Nishimura)

- strugglepoo
Whoops, I just meant to post a link to the image. I didn't know it would post itself, heh.
- strugglepoo
KungFuKirby, you are my hero, thanks for ripping Kablooey! as well as so many others.
I was suprised to see someone fufilled my request.
You may possibly want to update the screen shots for Super Game Boy 1 and 2.
- nensondubois
Kinuyo Yamashita's ( homepage link is outdated. Here is the new URL:
- strugglepoo

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