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== Older Comments: Page 5 ==
Cleared/Archived Comments. Keeping my previous reply active:

By all means, e-mail us your set updates! I've actually wanted to rename the Ys 3 SPCs to their OST tracknames for quite some time, but I have like... four or five versions of that soundtrack in MP3 format, each with slightly different translations of the titles, and then some songs seem to be SNES-exclusive, so... in the end, I made the command decision to... err... do nothing. =P

I'll also deal with the DKC3 composer info and titling inconsistancy in the next update. Thanks for pointing that out. How it slipped by me, I don't know, seeing as how updated that particular set not terribly long ago...

In fact, it seems I have many small tweaks here and there to make in the next update, going by the last handful of comments. Unfortunately, to the anonymous poster who reported the missing Wozz songs... I've not gotten far enough in that game to grab those three songs. Perhaps you could provide them for us?

Finally... To strugglepoo: Regarding the Zelda fanfares and such, I've actually dumped a few of those, but it means more channel muting... I wish someone knew how to eliminate background music from SPCs. We used to be able to do this in the past, but the one who knew how has since vanished. Hum.

And that's, er, all.

Here's another small thing that needs to be fixed: In the Heracles no Eikou III set, the track "Pegasus (After the Flood)" is way too loud and clips like mad. I think the "18.0" Amplification in the extended id666 tag should be removed.

Meanwhile, while trying to fix that, I think I found a bug in the new SNESAmp. Off to file another report.
(Oops, forgot to sign.)

I've always been curious as to why a few SNES soundtracks don't have proper channel control. e.g.; Zombies Ate My Neighbours, Earthworm Jim, Brain Lord, etc. Each note of an instrument passes through each separate channel. Can anyone explain/speculate on that?

SNES soundtracks not having "proper channel control" is due to more advanced sound drivers doing dynamic channel allocation. Dynamic channel allocation has the advantage of having virtually more than the SNES' 8 channels which is very usefull if one doesn't want to reserve a number of channels exclusively for SFX. In cases were the number of channels used exceed the real channels actually available the one sound which is most quiet is getting cut. MIDI synthesisers as well as gaming systems starting with PS1 do this as well.

I can't seem to get the newest version of SPC Renamer to work. I drag and drop the spc files into it, highlight them all, click "Rename" and then it crashes while only renaming one of the tracks. If you need my specs, I am using WinXP, AMD Athlon XP 2800+, 2GHz, 224mb RAM. Is there anywhere I can download the previous version in the meantime? (I deleted it)

strugglepoo, no idea if you noticed, but that issue should be resolved in the new version 3.2 released recently.

There's an annoying click, like a reverb or chorus effect cutting into the right channel, about one and a half seconds into Mute City in the F-Zero soundtrack here. I confirmed with someone running the .spc file on a real SNES that it's a flaw in the .spc rip and not in SNESAmp or foo_gep. Is this the best place to report things like that? Because I hear clicks in many other soundtracks as well, and I'm beginning to suspect that most of them are errors in the .spc files. It seems SNESAmp makes some of these clicks less noticeable, so I would recommend people use foo_gep or a real SNES if they want to hunt for them. A couple more examples confirmed by a real SNES are at the beginnings of tracks 18 and 30 in the Arcana rip from here.

Excellent, thanks! Hey, have you ever thought about installing a message board of some sort?

The Ys 4 guys are already listed in the set's id666 tags (there are a bunch more in the actual credits than the three you listed), they're just not on the project pages yet.

And, speaking of, I submitted those set updates for KSS, Ys 3, and Ys 4 a while ago. Were they ever received?


Warpstar: I received the trackname updates, and I'll be putting them up next time I update the site... when that may be, I don't know. Sorry for the wait, and I apologize to everyone patiently waiting for our few and far between (yet significantly large) updates. I've been very busy lately, both IRL and online.

Believe it or not, I submitted a whole bunch of new SPC sets myself on that last update (Accounting for about 50% of the entire update!), which could explain part of the delay for that update. Sorry, folks! Also, there's an error on Tin Star: Death Adder didn't tag a single SPC on that one. That was because the music was dumped from the Sound Test, as I found out via Zophar. Also, I dumped all but 9 tracks.

Regarding the Axelay & Super Castlevania IV sets.. Sotaro Tojima and Souji Taro are not the same person. I'm not sure how that was spread around the internet. SCIV credits him as "Souji Taro" (Souji being an alias?) and Axelay as simply "Taro". His full name is Taro Kudo and he now works as a director for the company "Vanpool". Should I re-tag those?

Anyone know what the deal is with the "unused" track in the Super Mario World set? I'm led to believe it's actually a fake, since a) I can't find the song data in either the original ROM or a freshly-ripped SPC (there's just FFs where the data should be), and b) it's just a crappy, broken remake of the New Super Mario Bros. title music...
- BMF54123

BMF54123: We recently got an e-mail about that, which more or less confirms your suspicions. Having no way, personally, to confirm whether or not a submission is legit, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Fortunately, we occasionally get people like you who set things straight, so, that's appreciated, and helps us out a lot. That song (and most likely the "unused songs" from Yoshi's Island) will be removed during the next update.

It does sound like the title screen to New Super Mario Bros. The one on Yoshi's Island just sounds like a "broken" version of its own title screen.

We should make a Hacked area for the SPCs that are from hacked versions of the game... that goes double for PD, which currently can only be accessed when you look up the games. PD games should be further organized into Trainers, Games, and Intros/Demoes, or something like that...
- KungFuFurby

Update the site more often!!

Anonymous: At present, there's only one actual person who's handling updates... and that's me. Unfortunately, I've been *extremely* busy with the dreaded "real life matters", especially with the holiday season and all... I've been doing the best I can, and I'm hoping to squeeze out an update or two in the coming weeks. Things should stablize somewhat come the new year, though. I apologize again to all those anxiously awaiting that elusive update...

Don't worry, YK! It's nice you're still here, and the people should be sastified here - We have 19 updated sets at the current update, December 22, 2007! Also, there are some new areas in the Wiki.

I would love to tag some of these sets still incoming, but I only have a hex editing application to work with, and there's no tagging application at the moment. I'm not that good at Extended ID666 tagging at all, since I'm still having difficulty with getting that thing working. ID666 tagging does work on my part, but it gets quite repeative with just a hex editor, and not an actual tagger, where the job could theoratically be made a lot easier.

I am intrested in seeing if anyone would like to make a Mac version of the tagger in either SNESAmp or SPCTool. This could really help: I'm intrested in doing some of the tagging in more than text files. Yes, I do the tagging via text files, not actual tagging.

If you're intrested, let me know. I would be intrested in beta testing if you like. I run Mac OS 10.4.10 on a PowerPC Mac.

,..yes, indeed. I'm the one who did the update, as well as all the recent Wiki changes. =P

You might only see a few sets in a few days, but it's going fine now. We're all good to go now for updates; the number of sets that will appear here in terms of number for each day will be kinda small, but it'll do. Besides, it beats having a high number for one day, eh?
- KungFuFurby

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