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=Older Comments by Visitors=
I plain love this site!
-- Datschge =P

So do I! =P
-- YK

Me too! =P
-- CaitSith2

What would I do without my precius SNES music? This site's wonderfull!
-- Mazzic

Insert witty comment here.
-- Dragon Fogel

The SNES has some of the best music of any video game system in history, even when compared to the modern-day giants.
-- Indogutsu

This site is kewl. It actually has a set of standards for submissions so people can't submit SPCs starting halfway through the song lacking in ID666 tags with the files named as "really kewl song 1.spc". :P
-- Chocoboko

This site has overtaken zophar's spc section, despite the fact that they have more sets. This is updated MUCH more regularly, and I'm thankful for that.
-- Anonymous Coward 1

i'm searching a game where there are super mario, is a similat tetris i don't know, but in this games there is the time that change from dat to night when play and is possible to choose for background a landscape
please help!
-- Anonymous Coward 2

Can't help, sorry.
-- Datschge

The Chrono Trigger soundtrack is unfortunately incorrect; the "demo" or "beta" tracks don't appear on the final ROM. Rather, they're part of the Prerelease soundtrack, which contains about 65 songs available in a beta version of Chrono Trigger. Including a handful of them in the final Chrono Trigger rip does neither game any good.
-- Anonymous Coward 3

Care to send us those 65 mystical songs of the beta version? Also why do you think beta tracks shouldn't be included even though there is quite some overlap?
-- Datschge

I see no reason not to include beta tracks or tracks from different versions of the game in the same SPC set. Bio Metal, Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday, and Peace Keepers/Rushing Beat Syura, for instance. Two versions, completely identical, but with completely different soundtracks. Why *wouldn't* we put them together?
-- YK

I'm not an anonymous coward...........anymore. ;)
-- Slick Mandela

So which of the three anonymous cowards *were* you? =P
-- YK

This is definately one of the best SNES music sites out there. Not only is there a large archive of SPC's, but there are detailed instruction son how to use SPC players and plug-ins. This is awesome!
-- Dr. Mack Foxx

YK- I was anonymous coward #1. ;)
--Slick Mandela

Look under "Related Resources" for Bram Stoker's Dracula. What?
-- Kapow

That's a known issue, we are working on it.
-- Datschge

To elaborate on that... The Bram Stoker's Dracula issue was most likely caused by a "glitch in the system" that briefly allowed anyone to access the staff's normally hidden and password-protected "auto-update" page. Evidently, during that small window of time, someone got in and tampered with the related resources for that game. Why? Beats me. Some people just have nothing better to do than cause trouble.
-- YK doesn't render properly in Opera on Windows on a resolution of 800x600. The main content window is bumped down to below the sidebar--it seems the width of one, the other or both is too large, and the browser is forced to implement a line break. I'm aware that supports the standards compliancy movement, so I think Opera support would be quite the boon.
-- Vague Rant

Thanks for your comment regarding the look in Opera, I'm aware of it. I'm still looking for a different way of getting the current design through different means of CSS (unfortunatelly there seems to be no good compatible way to fix a fixed size CSS menu to the right side). When I first created it it worked perfectly in Konqueror (still does, Safari should too) and near prefect in Mozilla (back when it was the Mozilla Foundation's main product), Firefox introduced annoying glitches while Opera and IExplorer both have issues I can't even explain when looking at the CSS.
-- Datschge

Hi there! I noticed at least one track is missing from the Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2 soundtrack. Who should I contact about this? Thanks for making this awesome site! :-)
-- Anonymous Coward 4

Just contact me through the mail address in the footer of each page.
-- Datschge

I really love this site, it's great to go back and listen to all the classics, but when i came here, there was one soundtrack i was looking for from a game called Out of this World. After I went to the Undumpable part of the site, I was upset to find the game in the list. so to make things short, please find a way to create the soundtrack.
-- Anonymous Coward 5

Unfortunately, "Undumpable" means just that: It's undumpable. Perhaps in the future, someone will discover a way to "hand-make" SPCs for the games on that list, and it's even possible that one day, the sound engines will be deciphered, allowing patches to be made, and the SPCs to be dumped normally. But those are still, sadly, just ifs, and for now, there's not really anything we can do. Our apologies. Meanwhile, however, there're still many sets that *can* be dumped with no problems that just haven't yet. Why not help us out there?
-- YK

This site really is great. Also, I know this probably isn't the place to say but my Winamp wn't play the RSN files. I have the plugin but it just won't play >_>
Can anyone help?
-- Anonymous Coward 6

Please add information what Windows version, what Winamp version as well as what SNESAmp version you are using, otherwise we are digging in the dark just like you do.
-- Datschge

Right. I'm using XP, Winamp 5 and I'm using SNESAmp v3.2
-- RS

It only seems to work sometimes, like after uninstalling SNESAmp and reinstalling it, but even then it doesn't work sometimes. But this has been my temporary solution.
-- RS

If all else fails, you can always open RSN files with WinRAR and extract the files. RSN is just a custom RAR format designed to be used with SNESAmp as an "auto-playlist", after all.
-- YK

Thank you for this fabulous resource! Absolutely brilliant :)
-- steve

Have fun not supporting what ~90% of people use (that's right, 90%).
Take your firefox and shove it
-- Particularly Rude Anonymous Coward

Hi, I'm just wondering about something technical. Do GBA soundtracks use the same technology as SNES tracks (as in, would GBA tracks work just the same with SNESamp or would a seperate program be needed)?
-- Me

GSF, the GBA format, is completely different from SPCs. We don't deal with those, but you can find out pretty much anything you want to know about at CaitSith2's site:
-- YK

I'm already fairly sure of this, but does this site RSN files work on iMacs?(QuickTime Player,ITunes) It probably doesn't, but it's worth asking.
-- TB

On our players page you can find existing available choices I know about. Audio Overload started as a Mac only player, and that supports RSN files for a long time now.
-- Datschge

In time, when hosting all SNES soundtracks ever created, this site will have reached perfection. Keep the most brilliant work up!
-- Hr0n

I have SNESAMP's latest version, and the latest version of winamp, and WINxp SP2, and like the other guy, RSN files simply will not read in winamp. Just .SPC files. WOrks fine at the office.. just not at home... I have heard from one friend who had the same problem, RSN files simply appear as RSN files in the play list. Could this be an error with the unrar.dll ?
RSNs are a pain in the ass, right now. Given that Winamp is my player of choice, and that it's been compatible with SPCs for many years now, I don't see why there can't be a good way to play RSNs in it. And yes, I'm using iin_zip_v0_5_9_4.exe ...other than that, I like the correct tagging. Slick.
The care you've put into ripping, timing, and tagging SPC sets is remarkable. Thank you!
-- Kai

Ah, one other thing (which I can't help with, but I can point it out to you and see you writhe in helplessness :P) - the Clock Tower set seems to have songs missing. I've found one, but it might be more - for example the tune played when Jennifer finds the corpse of W. come songs are missed at occasions? Is it because they're not in the original soundtrack list, or because the dumper didn't find it in the game?
-- Hr0n

About 99% of the time, missing songs are the result of, well, like you said, the dumper not hearing them. We aren't perfect. =P Of course, as nothing here is set in stone, we can always go back and add missing songs later (for instance, someone recently did a massive overhaul on the DQ3 SPC set, which was missing countless songs and jingles, and I recently added the missing "true ending" theme from BOF1.) If you ever notice a missing song, either report it and provide us with a savestate, or preferrably, dump it yourself and mail it to Datschge. =P
-- YK

No idea if the people in question read this page, but anyway... I tweaked the site design to be more stable and compatible. In Firefox the right and bottom margin of the content shouldn't flash around anymore on load/resize. In Opera the site now looks as intended (only while not identified as IE, no idea why it screws it up in the latter mode). And in Internet Explorer the site is now actually usable while still persisting on introducing plenty nutty minor design flaws I can't be bothered to work around right now. All in all there should be improvements all around. Please drop me a mail if something design-related actually degraded during this tweaking without me noticing it. Thanks.
-- Datschge

I'm using the latest Winamp, the latest SNESamp, and have the most updated windows.. but RSNs won't open in winamp. They just load as RSNs... they don't unrar and then show all the internal files...

this seems to be a problem reported in many places.. is there a workaround or fix?
-- Anonymous Coward 7
Why are my submissions taking the hell long to even be submitted!?
-- Luciano

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