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=Rules for Submitting SPC Sets=
What you should include in any case for us to consider your submission:
-> Track names, or at least track descriptions on which we can base track names. If an OST exists for the game in question, you may use tracknames from it.
-> Track order based on the order of appearance in-game. Again, if an OST exists, you may use OST order.
-> Composer names as given in the game's staff roll, if available, or at the least, a saved state or screenshots of it if it's in Japanese.

What you can include but we will add if you don't:
-> Complete Extended ID666 tags including times, company and release year. If you decided to time your SPC submission before sending it to us, make sure the song loops twice and fades out. If a song ends by itself, however, let it play through and set the fade to 0.
-> Short 8.3 file naming scheme including project name abbreviation and track numbers as well as additional single letters for SFX, jingle, voice etc. tracks.
-> info.txt file
-> Solid RAR 3.x file with dictionary size of 4MB, renamed to .rsn
-> A screenshot of the game's title screen, or if available, the OST cover.

Regarding updates:
-> Unless a soundtrack is entirely unsalvageable, it's not necessary to redump the whole thing. If all you're doing is dumping missing tracks or redumping broken ones, send only the new/fixed tracks. Doing this makes updates a lot easier on the staff, and therefore they'll appear on the site much sooner.
-> In the case of a complete retitling (i.e. to match an OST, or simply to improve upon what we have), please put the original titles in the "Comments" field of the ID666 tag. Send the entire soundtrack in this case.
-> If an SPC set does not conform to the site standard of two loops, feel free to retime it and submit the whole thing; do *not* submit "timer updates" that directly copy the often flawed (and sometimes downright incorrect) times listed on OSTs.
-> If it's a simple change, such as adding composer info, it's not even necessary to send the files. Simply let us know who the composer(s) is/are (or whatever other info needs to be changed) via e-mail or on the Composers page. For other changes, report it on the Information Station.
-> Make sure to mention, either in the e-mail, or in an accompanied text file, what, exactly, is new or different.

If you are interested in submitting several sets, have any questions or can help with our stalled sets, you can also join our group (email links are in the footer).

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