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=Region Map=
Sometimes, games get released in different regions under *completely* different names, and this fact can easily elude us when adding new sets to the site. This here would be the place to report such non-linked sets. (And, yes, this page's name *is* a reference to SaGa Frontier. Thanks for asking.)

Might and Magic 2 (The European and Japanese versions are evidently different, right down to the music; albeit using the same engine.)
Eric Cantona Football Challenge (Once the set is released, link this with Striker from Europe, World Soccer 94: Road To Glory from the US, and World Soccer from Japan. All of them share music.)
K.H. Rummenigge's Player Manager (This shares music with Kevin Keegan's Player Manager.)
NBA Pro Basketball '94: Bulls vs. Suns (This is the Japanese version of NBA Showdown. This is on the Script700 page as undumpable in SPC format... no idea how this still isn't linked.)
Sensible Soccer: International Edition (Once the set is released, link this with the original Sensible Soccer from Europe, and Championship Soccer '94. The music is shared.)
Super Hockey (Once the set is released, link this with NHL Stantley Cup, as these two share music.)
FIFA 98: Road to World Cup (No US version for this game. This game is European-only, not US-only.)
Korean League (This game has shared music with Super Bases Loaded 2.)
Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shougi 2 (This game has shared music with Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shougi. I used a music modifier and confirmed all tracks are shared.)
Super Gameboy (This add-on was also released in Europe.)
Major Title (Once the set is released, link this with Irem Skins Game from the US)
Mr. Tuff (Should be moved to Beta)

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