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=Information Archive 3=
(Note: This is only an archive. Do not add new posts here.)

I'd just like to point out a few things that do not appear to have been noticed yet.

1. The Super Punch-Out set is incomplete. It's missing the fight music for the Major, World, and Special Circuits. It's odd how this has apparently not been brought up, since all 4 of the tracks used for fights are right next to each other in the sound test.

2. Many of the tracks that are titled as "unused" in the Star Fox 2 set are actually used, and most of them are quite easily identified by just playing the game. "Unused Battle 2" is heard during the sequence before fighting Wolf, "Unused Battle 3" is played during the last part of the final level, when you're destroying a core not unlike the battleship core sequences. Speaking of that, both "unused cutscene" tracks are used when the door to the planet core room and the battleship core room opens. "Unused Opening Remix" is the cutscene right before fighting Andross (speaking of which, all instances of "Andorf" should be changed to Andross). In addition to those tracks actually being used, I'm pretty sure that a fair number of the tracks in the normal listing are actually never used in-game. Most of the alternative tracks, like Planet Boss Battle 2, I've never heard in any of my playthroughs. Besides the errors in determining between used and unused, there's a ton of fairly obvious spelling errors, like "Taitania" instead of "Titania". Also, "Mirage Dragon Intro" and "Battle against Mirage Dragon" aren't the most accurate names, seeing as those tracks are also used for the other space bosses (Hunter Tektron, Phantron, and Space Blade), not just the Mirage Dragon. I would personally call them "Boss Intro" and "Boss Battle", respectively, since they're the only real bosses in the game besides Andross. Also, "Mysterious Space Station" is played when you're destroying the things that take control over the satelite when they've accomplished that. Really, the whole set is rather sloppy in terms of accuracy. It really seems like the dumper had a pretty limited experience with the game.
-Freaky Mutant Man

Hm... Could you provide a ZIP/RAR/what-have-you of the Starfox 2 SPCs, properly titled? If they're *that* inaccurate, then yes, they should definitely be cleaned up.

As for the Super Punch Out SPCs... not sure what to do there. That was a first-note sticking set that required hacking, and I'm not sure we still have the patch for it...

The patch is availible at the Script700 page if you want me to do the job.

- KungFuFurby
I can work on fixing up the SF2 titles as soon as I know how to do that. Could you please provide info on that so I can get to work? Also, I noticed the ending track wasn't included. Seeing as SF1's ending was ripped with voices and all, shouldn't the same be true for SF2? It's kind of a shame, since I've never been able to understand the dialogue.

Wait, the Super Punch-Out SPCs require a patch to rip? That's rather unusual for a game of it's sort. I think I'll let you handle it.
Whoops, forgot to sign that last one.
-Freaky Mutant Man

If you're unable to tag SPCs directly, it would be simple enough just to send a text file with comparisons. Put the existing track name, then what it should be renamed to, and just mail it to us (contact info is at the bottom of the page). As for the voice clips, I'm not sure. I could dump them, but having never played the game, I'd need savestates.
I'll get right on making the text file. I'll see what I can do about a save-state, but I'm not sure about it, seeing as I'm currently recording videos of the game, and I don't want to accidently overwrite my save-states I'm using as stopping points. If I don't follow through with the save-state, your best bet is just running through the game on Normal, since the game is extremely easy on that difficulty (only need to save 2 planets, destroy 2 battleships, the only boss that appears is Mirage Dragon, which is probably the easiest of the bosses, and Andross only has one form).
-Freaky Mutant Man

Found a web page that has even more games for Setsuo Yamamoto (with non-SFC games as well), and X-Men Mutant Acopolayse is on the list under Main Works. No other people are listed. See .

- KungFuFurby

The composer for 3x3 Eyes: Seima Korin Den is Kennosuke Suemura. This is from GMCL.

- KungFuFurby
I have offically found the composer for Tsuppari Oozumou: Rissin Syusse-hen by beating the game. The composer is Keijin Kaain. In Hiragana, that would be けいじん かあいん.

- KungFuFurby

There are two extra composers for Mortal Kombat under the SNES Version Staff. They're under Sound Hacker Dudes, but that's reasonable. The composers are David Ross and Steve Aguirre.

Mortal Kombat II, under Catatonic Sound Guru, has Mark Ganus as a composer. I did not include the Musical Type Support Guys, considering the fact that I only do that if it's less specific.

As for Mortal Kombat 3, under Tone Deaf Sound Monkeys, the composers are Mark Ganus and Roy Wilkins. Roy Wilkins is also involved in Boogerman.

All three sources are from MobyGames.

- KungFuFurby

Here is a list of games that I failed to get composers on because I failed to find a staff roll:

American Battle Dome (one of my own sets)
American Gladiatiors
Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball (one of my own sets)
Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool
Elite Soccer (one of my own sets)
Hashire Hebereke (I'll reinvestigate this later...)
Jaleco Rally Big Run: The Supreme 4WD Challenge (one of my own sets)
Jungle no Ouja Taachan: Sekai Manyuu Dai Kakutou no Maki (I'll reinvestigate this later...)
Pro Quarterback (one of my own sets)
Super International Cricket
Super V.G
Tarot Mystery (one of my own sets)
The Shinri Game 3 (one of my own sets)
Zenkoku Juudan Ultra Shinri Game (maybe? I don't quite know how to score a perfect 10.)

Here is a list of games that I failed to find under Audio:

Aerobiz (MobyGames only has one person: The producer.)
Aerobiz Supersonic (MobyGames only has one person: The producer.)
Ballz 3D
Barbie Super Model
Best of the Best: Championship Karate (MobyGames has the credits, but there's nothing under Audio.)
Bram Stroker's Dracula
Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest (One person at the very beginning: Mark Sprenger.)
Dharma Doujou (one of my own sets) (I have two possible people: Nobu and Maz.)
King of the Monsters (one of my own sets)
Monopoly (At the very start, only one person is indicated.)
Mystery Circle (one of my own sets)
Oscar (one of my own sets) (Only a developer and publisher are indicated.)
Radical Rex
Realm (Only a developer and publisher are indicated.)
Sid Meier's Civilization (You're not going to get one from the manual.)
Super Putty
Tokoro's Mahjong (I have ROM text for credits, but I'm unsure if Itsam Matarca is the composer.)
Yoshi's Cookie

That's about 37 games that I have looked up credits for. Out of those 37 games, I've beaten some.

- KungFuFurby

OK, I've found the composers for Tae Kwon Do by looking at a Youtube video. The composers are Kaori Takazoe, Hideto Maeda, Chiyomaru Shikura, and Hiroyuki Naka. Special Thanks: at 5:16.

- KungFuFurby
I was right! I found the staff roll by scoring a perfect 10 on Zenkoku Juudan Ultra Shinri Game.

Now this is strange to me... I was right after all!

Now I'm going to see what luck I've got for the Shinri Game 3, and see if I have any luck there... I already have a composer for The Shinri Game 2.

- KungFuFurby

I've idenitified the composer as Harumi Fujita for Zenkoku Juudan Ultra Shinri Game.

- KungFuFurby

Guess what? I've found ROM text that confirms Opus for sound for GP-1. I searched for Opus, and got "sndmnger (c)1992 Opus corp.". That's pretty much it; the composer is Masanao Akahori and Jun Enoki at the very least, based on composer data from earlier games listing Opus under sound.

- KungFuFurby
Just to note that the "Buzz Battle" .spc is also the password song for the European version. I think there are some differences between the two songs I may be wrong because I only listened to 30 seconds of each version I wounder why they would remove the password feature for the U.S. version of the game. I can dump the password version in case there is a slight difference but I only will if it's necessary. Ok fine here it is!
- nensondubois

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