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Do the math: 318 plus 190 equals Wiki=
Welcome to our wiki. Here we put our random stuff.

We have plenty nearly finished of sets which we can't publish before some missing information is included: Help Wanted!
If you want your own sets to show up on this site be sure to follow our Rules.

It hasn't hit the main page, but here's a link to our new forum! It's still in a preliminary state, so please excuse the general sloppiness for the moment.

There is an unfortunate list of Undumpable soundtracks which are never going to be available on this site. KungFuFurby has also contributed a list of games that contained either Ripped Music or No Music at all. Such games will, for obvious reasons, never appear on this site.

Many games are Also Known As different names which don't appear in our game database. If a game was officially released in another region under a different name and it doesn't appear in our archives, post a comment on the Region Map.

The top of the list of Most Requested games the site admins see at the moment.

Teioh contributed a list of remaining soundtracks of RPGs which are not yet dumped.

There are plenty SPC sets still unique to Zophar. Those can be cleaned and polished according our rules for offer here.

Here is some info on Script700, used by a number of Japanese SPC players.

Do you have any questions, comments, praise, criticism, or just something you want to vent about regarding this site? We love hearing what you have to say! Go to our Comments page and leave us a note! Or, if you'd like to report a mistake or provide any missing info on an SPC set, then head over to the Information Station and let us know!

Do you know about "Old Sample Decompression" ? I use it and i just wandered what does it exactly do.
This comment will be deleted soon, don't mind it

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