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== Older Comments: Page 4 ==
Is there a way to rip the sound effects off of the game instead of having the music in the background?

Not that I know of, unless you can disable the BGM in-game... it's possible to hack SPCs to get the music to stop playing, but I don't know how to do that, so I'm forced to just mute channels...

Unless the SPCs are first-note sticking or the music can be turned off in game, nope. Unless you hack SPCs, that is.
- KungFuFurby

I'm such a nitpicker for typing this.
In Earthworm Jim, there are two versions of the "New Junk City" song. One is on the title screen and the other is in the first level. The only difference is that one instrument is changed that starts at around 0:32. It should be piano -- this set only has the title screen version. I'd contribute an SPC but they never seem to come out as well on my machine as the ones here. Anyways great site gotta go

Ah, Anonymous, but you're absolutely right. I checked it out, and indeed, they're different enough to warrant an update. I guess nobody noticed before because the title theme is interrupted before it gets to that point in-game. Nice job finding that!

I didn't catch that difference myself! Now that's tricky!
- KungFuFurby

had it as a kid :)

The "contact us" email address is broken. I just wanted to mention that uTorrent supports web seeds as of version 1.7, which is in release candidate stage.

The "contact us" address should works fine if you didn't deactivate JavaScript (the string is put together only while hovering the link for spam prevention, works fine for me in Konqueror, Firefox, Opera and IE6), what browser do you use? And did you already try the said uTorrent RC? The change list only says "Web seed support for single-file torrents" without defining the web seeding spec used (there are at least two incompatible ones), also we have a 908 files torrent (not a single-file one, that limitation may be an indication that the other spec is used). Both may be problematic. =P

Is there a way to dump the famous "item collect" and "secret discovery" fanfares from ALttP?
-- strugglepoo

Hello, I'd like to report that Cho Mahou Tairiku Wozz OST is missing 3 majour tracks:
- Vehicle battle theme
- Sea vehicle theme
- Sky vehicle theme

Thank you very much for your hard work!
-- Anonymous

A composer is missing for Final Fight Guy, and thanks to VGMuseum I know who his name is. His name is "Bull". That may sound weird, but that's his name. See for yourself:

Also, Where There's Duck, There's Fire needs to be doubled in timing because I noticed an insturment change in the so-called second loop of the tune.

Another oops: In Dragon's Lair, Molivelime is supposted to be Motivetime.

I have the composer for Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle Games. The only way you can grab it is if you had the manual for the game. The composer is Mark Ortiz.

- KungFuFurby

I have found an unused song in super mario world when my game froze after using my ZSNES. The game started displaying problems and then it screen went black and a song I never heard
before started playing and I saved it to spc. Here it is. (sent by e-mail)
Speaking of that, I have some stuff from the same game that I downloaded from Zophar that never got included, and I have one file from loveemu that also isn't in there. I'll do that right now.

In the set of Aero The Acrobat, the track called "Unused 1" is actually used in the end credits and begins right after the boss has been kicked out.
-- sanjuro ( from )
Can you update the Donkey Kong Country 3 set with individual composer info? Per information on this page:
Dave Wise composed the tracks "Dixie Beat", "Crazy Calypso", "Brothers Bear", (probably "Brothers Bear Blues" as well) "Wrinkly's Save Cave", "Get Fit A-Go-Go", "Wrinkly 64", "Bonus Time!", "Bonus Win", and "Bonus Lose". Eveline Fischer composed the rest.
Also, it'd be nice to get the Game field consistent; the SPCs dumped by Agustin H. are tagged "Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble", while those dumped by Datschge are tagged "Dixie Kong's Double Trouble".

I have a few updated sets that I've been meaning to send in as well: Kirby Super Star, with a few timing fixes (I also retitled the set based on the titles at Kirby's Rainbow Resort, but I could change them back if necessary). And retitlings of Ys III (using the official titles) and Ys IV (some needed to be changed to the official titles, and some of the tracks were misidentified).

By using a hex editor, I got the composer for Kawasaki Carribean Challenge. I already submitted the set, so I'll provide the composer here. His name is Mike J. Henry.

I also used the same method to find the composer for Keeper. His/her name is Kenichi Hirata.

I also grabbed more composers for sets that I did not complete yet. I will reveal them when the sets are released.

Update the site more often, Datschge!

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