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Do the math: 367 plus 171 equals

== Older Comments: Page 3 ==
To Bebedora: Thanks to your help, I was able to locate and dump the missing Drakkhen and Knights of Justice tracks. It'll take a bit more doing to get the Starfox tracks, however... I suppose I could just grab an endgame savestate somewhere for the ending bit. As for the continue theme... I thought we had that one. *shrug*

-- YK

And... I found the Starfox tracks. Jeez, that "The End" song is a pain. Even with the ~ button, it still took several minutes for it to start playing. No wonder Datschge missed it. =P

And updated. Thanks again. =P

-- YK

You're welcome! Thanks for taking the time to dump them. I'll let you know if I find anything else but right now I can't think of anything. Just keep up the great work!

-- Bebedora

"Digital Devil Story" should not be in the title of the "Shin Megami Tensei" rips. "Digital Devil Story" is only apart of the Megami Tensei for NES game titles, therefore, they should be as following: "Shin Megami Tensei", "Shin Megami Tensei II", and "Shin Megami Tensei if..." -- no Digital Devil Story.

-- Anonymous


-- YK

Wow, so many updates lately! Awesome!

-- Hr0n

"Zelda no Densetsu Remix" should be titled "BS Zelda no Densetsu" and "BSゼルダの伝説". If nothing else, take "第3話" out of the title, it's referring to part 3 of BS Zelda no Densetsu Kodai no Sekiban, a BS-X special release of Zelda 3. Unfortunately, JPsnes is not an accurate source of titles.

-- Kapow

You are all great! All my respect. :)
-- Killberk

If you like being as obsessive as I know you do, do note that even though you released a new set for Super Mario All-Stars that includes that unintelligible audience chatting from the intro, that, for unknown reasons, there is DIFFERENT unintelligible audience chattering in the intro to the Japanese Super Mario Collection. I hereby deem the current version of the set worthless and unlistenable.

-- Eclipsed Moon

Thanks for this great site. I love these soundtracks. I play them on Winamp, with the appropriate plugin. Keep up the good work.


Would it be possible to have a archive to download (via say BitTorrent) with all the SPC's in it in some cool lay-up? And then, when the archive is updated, you only will have to use the new BT file too download what you haven't already got.

// Mazzic

There are two missing tracks in the Dragon Ball Z - Super Butouden SPC. In the game, these tracks are difficult to get as you need to finish it in the hardest setting with specfic requirements. The tracks are from the finale (second fight with Cell) and the credits. I have snes9x save files if you need to check.

-- sanjuro ( / from

I am aware that this is probably requested a lot, and hopefully will not be yelled at for this, but a bit torrent or download complete archive option would be something super useful.
Great job, I have yet to see such dedication and work ethic in other scenes :)


The file for Earthbound does not seem to be working. I have tried many times, but while it is trying to extract, it says there is an error and does not continue. Could you guys look into it? Thanks!


Is your Earthbound file's size exactly 826,548 bytes? If not the download was not completed.

Hey everyone

good news for mac users: i just found out that the game music box can also convert rsn files into wav files, although this is not mentioned in the wiki. while a track is selected, you have to choose "record" from the menu - and there you go! this makes me really happy, i (almost) wished i owned a pc for a second.
I actually dumped a sound effect SPC from the Ren & Stimpy Show: Veediots. It's true, I have a real live SPC of it. It's during Level 1 when you're inside Stimpy's, when you get crushed. It's difficult to get sound effects from games that have undumpable music at times, but for me, all I had to do was time the SPC dump button. I put the dump button on SNES9X to 2.

I provide my tagging information not in the actual SPC, but in a text file. Sorry, I'm on a Mac. I have already sent 3 Ninjas Kick Back along with one screenshot of the title. I found the composer in the credits, so I have already put in the composer.
The Brainies will be up next. I have all of the SPCs in the set dumped, and a screenshot. The only thing that could be a problem is that in the credits, only the first names are in the credits for the composers. Proof is at

I have extra sound effects of Krusty's Super Fun House, and I have a corrected version of a Game Over SPC from Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City. How did I know? I played the actual game and got Game Over, and saw it didn't match the one in the set on

That's all for now.
- Kung Fu Furby

Game Music Box can also batch record using the Music Utility from the File menu. Drop the SPCs, folders, and RSN files on the list, select record, then click start. Much simpler than recording each track individually.
- Insert Name Here

Thanks for the tip! That could be helpful to others.

Can someone develop an Extended ID666 SPC tag editor for the Mac OS X? It needs to at least run on 10.3.3, which is my OS, so I can tag the SPCs. It would beat doing it by some complex hex/text editor application and accidentally doing something harmful to the application.
- Kung Fu Furby

ok blah blah thats cool and all butttttttttttttttttttt WHY THE FUK CANT I PLAY THE SOUNDTRACK I CANT FIND A SOFTWARE THAT WORKS WITH THE FILE TYPE .rsn!?!?!?!?!
-some unidentified CAPS MONSTER

Look at the players page, it tells you both what players can support .rsn and how to decompress them to .spc for those players which are not capable of reading .rsn directly.

Help Wanted: Is there a SPC Player that supports Script700 for the Mac yet? I just found a file that uses that called Dark Law: Meaning of Death.

-Kung Fu Furby

Dumping Status Update:

1. I have dumped more sound effects from The Ren & Stimpy Show: Veediots!, bringing the total up to 9. I also got 2 speech samples. Once I have gotten through the game, I will get the sound effects I did get and upload them here.

2. I have dumped the Boss Theme from Home Alone 2, but SNES9X suffers from a channel muting problem, therefore limiting on how far I can get before the channels go kaput. I seized the opputunity by dumping some sound effects, which are not 100% music-proof at times.

3. I have 2 additional SFX from Krusty's Super Fun House.

4. I can't continune dumping Nickalodeon GUTS because of a dumping problem at the Aggro Crag. I should get the current set up, which includes a freeze state.

5. I haven't worked on Looney Tunes B-Ball as of yet ever since I dumped the other SPCs. Sorry.

6. I have an extra sound effect from Super Scope 6.

7. I have an updated version of the Game Over Theme from Michael Jordan in Chaos in the Windy City.

8. I have 5 speech samples, 5 sound effects, and 1 piece of music from Wheel of Fortune: Deluxe Edition. I know there is only one piece of music, so I'm grabbing the sound effects at the moment.

9. I am having some difficulties in Revolution X. This is not music dumping related, but game related. I need to know how to destroy the helicopter in the second level in terms of what parts to destroy, because I get stuck there and don't really know what to do. If I can't get this, then I can't continune dumping the music, which means I have to put this under Incomplete, with my set RARed. If this does go under incomplete, then put a note that if I have the parts to destroy on the second level boss (Helicopter), then I can continune as normal.

What's New:

1. I'm planning on getting to Jeopardy! to take the original piece of music and sound effects already dumped and adding to that. I'll get that done, add tagging information, and upload it. Death Adder dumped the original files; I'll continune his work and get it here.

2. I'm going for Family Feud in music and sound effects. Some of it has already been done for me, which is courtousey of owlbug.

- Kung Fu Furby
About the undumpable page for those of you curious about a workaround: All the SPCs that are marked undumpable either need to be recreated using the samples from the game in another format like IT or any format that supports 8 channels, or they require major hacking (For real!) or, if possible at all, use Script700, if you dare to try to find a workaround. They will require major work either way, unlike the ones that only need minor hacking.

If there were some way to convert the CPU triggers and combine them all together, and then put them into a SPC file by converting the triggers into noteons... that would brighten up someone's day. Especially if you really want to hear the music again from a game you get first-note sticking problems you can't correct without modifying the actual ROM! I am not the person to ask for that, but you can try yourself. All you need is... lots and lots of patience and experimenting. If there are 20,000 ways that haven't worked, don't give up!

If you're not willing, at least you have someone willing to grab the SFX. That's right, I'm the one! I've already dumped several and I'm going to dump more, and then release the collection on here!

- KungFuFurby

I have completed Jeopardy! and uploaded it.

I accidentally forgot a screenshot of the title screen... here it is.

(Image removed for space reasons)


I have dumped Family Dog and completed it! The set has already been sent.


You know, I sent you an invite to the SPC Dumpers group a while back. These sort of comments belong there, not here. This "Comments" page is primarily for things related to the site, not personal SPC-dumping updates.

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