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Because it hasn't yet made it to the front page, I give you: The preliminary forum! Which will hopefully eliminate the need for this silly Comments page entirely.

The person who has composed Super R-Type and Dino City for IREM Corporation is actually Hiroshi Ebihara instead of just "Hiroshi"
Hey, I was looking into playing my own music off the actual SNES hardware. You mention that you can do this through a copier but is it possible to use something more modern (that doesn't use floppy disks) to get the authentic sound? Is there anything in particular you would recommend other than getting an external SNES audio unit?
As far as I know, Jaki Crush (邪鬼破壊) doesn't give credit to anyone for its music, or at least there's no mentioning about any person during gameplay. However, according to this site the composer for this game is Masanobu Tsukamoto (塚本雅信).
The forum has a 404 error.
Hello . as the main page reccomends winamp's spcamp plugin, please let me tell you that the software has an important bug. By default, SPCAmp is configured to make kind of a volume ramp lasting 10 seconds aprox. , at the start of every song/spc file . Starting with volume -3db and normalizing it at the ~10 sec mark.
SPCAmp calls this like a "ear protection ramp" or something I can't remember right now. It's hard to detect also, because sometimes it triggers and other times not.

This has ruined lots, if not, the mayority of spc renders to mp3 , uploads to youtube , and etc. SPCAmp seems to be the mostly used player when people try to render mp3 files.

The effect is somewhat unnoticeable if you open quite a few SPCs , but if you open more , you get the sensation that something is off. Of course , now that I had explained it, you'll be more aware and notice it instantly. That, if your SPCAmp settings are on default , also.

So this is a problem that sneaks and leaks into mp3 renders , and makes the intro of songs annoying, so I recommend to put a link next to the SPCAmp mention, that explain this , and tells how to change the settings .
Regards -intron
on ubuntu 20:
apt install audacious
apt install unrar
for f in ./*.rsn; do
echo $f;
mkdir $(echo " $f" | cut -d "." -f 1,2);
unrar x $(echo " $f" | cut -d "." -f 2,3 | cut -d "/" -f 2) $(echo " $f" | cut -d "." -f 1,2);
rm $f

The SNESMusic forums are down!
They didn't approve my sets. It's a long time. Maybe because this site is dead?.
This tool might be useful for someone wanting to rename or parse the archive. Sorry that it's so slow!

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