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NTSC-J Super Donkey Kong 3: Nazo no Kuremisu Tou
???????????? ???????
Super Donkey Kong 3: Nazo no Kuremisu Tou
Composer: Eveline Novakovic, David Wise
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: Saturday, 23 November 1996
Dumper: Datschge, Agustin Huambachano, nensondubois
Tagger: Datschge, Agustin Huambachano

Project dkdt version 1.05 released on 2010-10-05, 77 tracks, 308kb, downloaded 4824 times

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PAL Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble
NTSC Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble


02Dixie Beat00:44
03Crazy Calypso01:17
04Northern Kremisphere02:46
05Submap Shuffle02:59
06Stilt Village02:33
07Mill Fever03:32
08Jangle Bells03:13
09Frosty Frolics02:23
10Boss Boogie01:42
11Treetop Tumble02:51
12Hot Pursuit03:30
13Enchanted Riverbank02:49
14Water World02:51
15Cascade Capers03:00
16Nuts and Bolts02:22
17Pokey Pipes02:22
18Rockface Rumble02:16
19Cavern Caprice02:44
20Jungle Jitter02:47
21Krematoa Koncerto01:59
22Rocket Run02:48
23Crystal Chasm01:03
24Big Boss Blues01:35
25Mama Bird01:50
27Baddies on Parade02:09
28Game Over00:13
29Bonus Time!01:29
30Bonus Win!00:03
31Bonus Lose...00:03
32Hangin' at Funky's01:34
33Wrinkly's Save Cave00:37
34Get Fit A-Go-Go00:41
35Wrinkly 6401:27
36Brothers Bear00:50
37Brothers Bear Blues01:16
38Swanky's Sideshow01:47
39Cranky's Showdown01:01
40Showdown Win!00:05
41Showdown Lose...00:07
s01Lose Life (Village)00:05
s02Lose Life (Mill)00:05
s03Lose Life (Snow)00:05
s04Lose Life (Boss Battle)00:05
s05Lose Life (Trees)00:05
s06Lose Life (Chase)00:05
s07Lose Life (River)00:05
s08Lose Life (Underwater)00:05
s09Lose Life (Waterfall)00:05
s10Lose Life (Factory)00:05
s11Lose Life (Pipes)00:05
s12Lose Life (Mountain)00:05
s13Lose Life (Caves)00:05
s14Lose Life (Jungle)00:05
s15Lose Life (Rocket)00:05
s16Lose Life (Big Boss)00:05
s17Lose Life (Christmas)00:05
s18Stage Clear (Village)00:04
s19Stage Clear (Mill)00:04
s20Stage Clear (Snow)00:04
s21Stage Clear (Boss Battle)00:04
s22Stage Clear (Trees)00:04
s23Stage Clear (Chase)00:04
s24Stage Clear (River)00:04
s25Stage Clear (Underwater)00:04
s26Stage Clear (Waterfall)00:04
s27Stage Clear (Factory)00:04
s28Stage Clear (Pipes)00:04
s29Stage Clear (Mountain)00:04
s30Stage Clear (Caves)00:04
s31Stage Clear (Jungle)00:04
s32Stage Clear (Rocket)00:04
s33Stage Clear (Big Boss)00:04
s34Stage Clear (Christmas)00:04
s35Banana Bird!00:04
s36Invincible Stars00:13
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