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NTSC Earthbound

Composer: Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Akio Ohmori, Ritsuo Kamimura
Developer: Shigesato Itoi, Ape, HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: 1995
Dumper: Tomato, SonicPanda, YK, Osaka, nensondubois
Tagger: Adam Blake, SonicPanda, Datschge

Project mo2 version 1.06 released on 2012-04-19, 206 tracks, 895kb, downloaded 5727 times

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NTSC-J Mother 2: Giygas no Gyakushuu (??????? ??????)


001aThe Evil Giygas Attacks! (part 1)00:28
001bThe Evil Giygas Attacks! (part 2)00:14
002Title Screen00:14
003Opening Credits01:13
004Choose a File01:08
005aYour Name, Please03:11
005bYour Name, Please (Noiseless)03:11
006Now, Let's Go!00:07
007One Fateful Night...00:44
008aUnidentified Falling Object00:19
008bRude Awakening01:12
009aAlien Invasion 101:23
009bAlien Invasion 200:57
010aSomeone's Knocking at the Door00:41
010bWhat an Annoying Knock!00:41
013A Good Buddy00:03
014Buzz Buzz's Prophecy01:34
015aOnett Night 101:20
015bOnett Night 201:22
015cOnett Night 300:43
016aOnett Buzz Buzz 101:22
016bOnett Buzz Buzz 200:45
016cOnett Buzz Buzz 303:23
017Otherworldly Foe01:46
018aPokey's House00:47
018bPokey's House (Buzz Buzz)00:47
019aSunrise & Onett Theme02:30
019bOnett Theme02:22
020What a Great Picture!00:36
021Home Sweet Home01:53
022Friendly Neighbors00:31
023Buy Somethin' Will Ya!01:09
024Enjoy Your Stay00:34
025A Good Night's Rest00:04
026Bed and Breakfast00:40
028Oncoming Foe00:06
030Battle Against a Weak Opponent01:04
031Battle Against a Weird Opponent01:23
032Battle Against a Mobile Opponent01:11
033You Win!00:24
034That Was Easy!00:10
035You Gained a Level!00:21
036Onett's Arcade00:28
038Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent02:05
039Dangerous Caves01:13
040Sanctuary Guardian's Challenge00:18
041Oncoming Boss00:04
042Sanctuary Guardian02:21
043A Bad Dream01:24
044You Defeated the Boss!00:10
045Welcome to Your Sanctuary00:50
046aYour Sanctuary ~ Giant Step00:09
046bYour Sanctuary ~ Lilliput Steps00:09
046cYour Sanctuary ~ Milky Well00:09
046dYour Sanctuary ~ Rainy Circle00:09
046eYour Sanctuary ~ Magnet Hill00:09
046fYour Sanctuary ~ Pink Cloud00:09
046gYour Sanctuary ~ Lumine Hall00:09
046hYour Sanctuary ~ Fire Spring00:09
047A Flash of Memory00:43
048Boy Meets Girl02:17
049Apple Kid's Theme01:09
050Ness' Bike01:25
051Paula's Theme01:11
052aPeaceful Rest Valley01:17
052bFlowing Water00:41
053Happy-Happy is Blue02:31
054You've Got a New Friend!00:09
055Dead-End Chaos Theatre01:59
056Runaway Five ~ The Daily Show01:00
057Runaway Five Left the Building!01:13
058Runaway Five on the Move!01:25
059Threed, Zombie Central01:22
060Heartless Hotel00:56
062In Winters, There is a Genius02:51
064Winters White02:22
065Winters Wake Up Call00:26
066Tessie Has Been Sighted!00:31
068Caverns of Winters01:25
069Dr. Andonuts' Lab01:27
070The Sky Runner02:04
071Going Down!00:08
072Rough Landing00:07
073Escargo Express at Your Service!00:35
074Zombie Paper00:51
075Saturn Valley Caverns00:52
076Hi Hi Hi01:29
077Belch's Factory02:11
078Battle Against Belch01:32
079You've Come Far, Ness02:15
080Threed, Free at Last03:15
081Get on the Bus01:35
082Super Dry Dance01:47
083The Metropolis of Fourside03:24
084Topolla Theatre, Home to the One & Only Venus01:45
085Runaway Five's Final Performance01:10
086Venus Live!02:11
087Save the Miners!02:23
088Boris' Cocktail01:36
089Moonside Swing00:37
090Bad Morning to You00:31
091The Monkeys' Maze00:57
092Runaway Five to the Rescue!00:23
093Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap01:28
094In Dalaam, There is a Warrior00:54
095The Floating Kingdom of Dalaam02:21
096Mu Training00:34
097Pink Cloud Shrine01:34
098aSailing to Scaraba01:12
098bThe Voyage Continues00:47
099Kraken of the Sea02:52
101Morning in the Desert00:30
102The Unforgiving Desert02:16
104Inside the Dungeon00:51
105Megaton Walk00:33
106The Submarine01:05
107The Deep Darkness02:34
108The Tendas' Cave01:52
109Battle Against a Machine01:43
110Stonehenge Base Shuts Down00:30
111Falling Underground!00:07
112The Lost Underworld03:08
113Lava Springs01:11
114aSound Stone ~ Giant Step00:05
114bSound Stone ~ Lilliput Steps00:04
114cSound Stone ~ Milky Well00:04
114dSound Stone ~ Rainy Circle00:04
114eSound Stone ~ Magnet Hill00:04
114fSound Stone ~ Pink Cloud00:04
114gSound Stone ~ Lumine Hall00:04
114hSound Stone ~ Fire Spring00:04
114iSound Stone ~ No Sounds00:08
114jSound Stone ~ Giant Step (Complete)00:05
114kSound Stone ~ Lilliput Steps (Complete)00:04
114lSound Stone ~ Milky Well (Complete)00:04
114mSound Stone ~ Rainy Circle (Complete)00:04
114nSound Stone ~ Magnet Hill (Complete)00:04
114oSound Stone ~ Pink Cloud (Complete)00:04
114pSound Stone ~ Lumine Hall (Complete)00:04
114qSound Stone ~ Fire Spring (Complete)00:04
114rSound Stone ~ No Sounds (Complete)00:08
115Eight Melodies02:19
116The Nightmare Begins...00:12
117Welcome Home03:04
118The Jolly Flying Man00:50
119Deeper into Ness' Subconscious01:35
120Sea of Eden01:43
121The Power01:07
122Ness Awakens from the Nightmare00:39
124aPhase Distorter Failed00:04
124bPhase Distorter Success00:04
125The Cliff That Time Forgot00:27
126The Place01:07
127Giygas' Lair00:53
128Giygas' Intro02:10
129Pokey Means Business!03:38
130Giygas Stirs00:46
131Giygas' Intimidation01:09
132Prayer for Safety01:59
133Giygas is Wounded!00:47
134Giygas is Fatally Wounded!00:27
135Giygas Disintegrates00:27
136Giygas' Static00:14
137aThe Heroes Return (part 1)01:30
137bThe Heroes Return (part 2)01:58
138Because I Love You03:48
139Good Friends, Bad Friends03:51
140Smiles and Tears05:48
b001Hidden Track01:20
b002Unused Pokey Jingle00:08
b003Unknown Jingle 100:02
b004Unknown Jingle 200:02
b005Mysterious Crash00:07
s001Onett's Trumpet Player00:07
s002Key Item Fanfare00:02
s003Spell Learned00:02
s004Secret Passage00:01
s006Evil Mani Mani Statue00:03
s007Magic Butterfly00:04
s008Master of the Stars00:03
s009The Sphinx's Puzzle 100:01
s009The Sphinx's Puzzle 200:01
s009The Sphinx's Puzzle 300:01
s009The Sphinx's Puzzle 400:01
s009The Sphinx's Puzzle 500:01
s009The Sphinx's Puzzle Solved!00:02
s010Teleportation End00:05
s011Buzz Buzz's Demise00:03
s012Mechanical Tinkering00:27
v001OK 'Ssuka?00:01
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