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PAL Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind

Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
Composer: Matt Berardo
Developer: Solid
Publisher: Accolade
Released: 1993
Dumper: SonicPanda
Tagger: SonicPanda

Project bbs version 1.02 released on 2008-02-02, 41 tracks, 186kb, downloaded 4214 times

Download SPC Soundtrack

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01War of the Woolies02:26
02Hill Stream Blues02:39
03Tunnel Vision02:20
04Fair is Foul01:55
05The Cattanooga Iron Horse01:03
06Wool Wool West01:51
07Bluegrass Bobcat04:24
08Woolering Heights04:22
09The Day the Wool Stood Still02:09
10Mission: Impervious00:20
11Shadow Bopping00:22
12Dry Clean Only00:34
13Wet Peeve00:34
14Kick Some Grass00:34
15The Maim Event01:48
16Hoedown Showdown00:59
17Wild and Woolie02:44
18Treetop Tyrants00:54
19Polly and Esther, Queens of Rayon01:01
20Field Yield00:39
21Twine Tally00:39
22Whitewater Winnings00:39
23Woolie Keep Trying?00:11
24Died in the Wool00:10
25Tail's End00:49
v-01'What Could Possibly Go Wrong?'00:02
v-02'Did I Mention I Don't Like Heights?'00:02
v-03'More Like a Bridge Too Short!'00:02
v-04'Hey, Whatever Blows Your Hair Back!'00:02
v-05'Hey, I Thought I Saw Elvis Back There!'00:02
v-06'Shouldn't That Be 'Fearless'? Uh-Oh...'00:02
v-07'Well, It Worked For Clint...'00:02
v-08'Go Ahead, Make My Day!'00:02
v-09'My Contract Does Not Mention Pain!'00:02
v-10'Hey, I Didn't Write This Stuff!'00:02
v-11'Next Time, I Get A Stunt Cat!'00:02
v-12'Is There A Veterinarian In The Audience?'00:02
v-13'That's It, I'm Outta Here, You Can't Make Me...'00:02
v-14'What? And Give Up Show Business?'00:02
v-15'Somebody Dial 911!'00:02
v-16'Whoa! Are You Still Playin' This Thing?!'00:02
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