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NTSC SNES Burn-in Test Cart

SNES Burn-in Test Cart
Composer: Akito Nakatsuka
Developer: n/a
Publisher: n/a
Released: n/a
Dumper: nensondubois
Tagger: nensondubois

Project burn version 1.01 released on 2011-10-22, 42 tracks, 39kb, downloaded 4138 times

Download SPC Soundtrack

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Bios SNES Burn-in Test Cart


01Sound Module Test 100:12
02Sound Module Test 200:12
03Sound Module Test 300:06
04Sound Module Test 400:05
05Sound Module Test 500:02
06Sound Module Test 600:02
07Sound Module Test Complete02:16
08Sound Module Test Fail00:02
09Super Scope Adjust Aim00:01
10Super Scope Test Fire00:01
11Super Scope Test Proceed00:01
12Super Scope Test Fail00:01
13Mouse Test Pass00:02
b01Unused Song 100:59
b02Unused Song 201:24
b03Unused Sound 100:04
b04Unused Sound 200:04
b05Unused Sound 300:04
b06Unused Sound 400:04
b07Unused Sound 500:12
b08Unused Sound 600:04
b09Unused Sound 700:15
b10Unused Sound 800:01
b11Unused Sound 900:01
b12Unused Sound 1000:01
b13Unused Sound 1100:01
b14Unused Sound 1200:02
b15Unused Sound 1300:01
b16Unused Jingle 100:02
b17Unused Jingle 200:02
b18Unused Jingle 300:02
b19Unused Jingle 400:05
b20Unused Jingle 500:05
b21Unused Jingle 600:06
b22Unused Jingle 700:03
b23Unused Jingle 800:06
b24Unused Jingle 900:03
b25Unused Jingle 1000:04
s01Controller Button Press00:04
s02Controller Test Pass00:02
s03Controller Test Fail00:02
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