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NTSC-J Super Mario RPG
Super Mario RPG
Composer: Yoko Shimomura
Developer: Square
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: Saturday, 9 March 1996
Dumper: Datschge, Agustin Huambachano, nensondubois, YK
Tagger: Datschge

Project smr version 1.03 released on 2010-03-09, 106 tracks, 374kb, downloaded 4786 times

Download SPC Soundtrack

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NTSC Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


101Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure03:35
102Let's Try00:57
103In the Flower Garden00:28
104Bowser's Castle (First Time)00:36
105Fight Against Bowser00:55
106The Sword Descends and the Stars Scatter00:33
107Super Pipe House01:28
108Where Am I Going?00:35
109The Road is Full of Dangers01:36
110Fight Against Monsters01:06
112Hello, Happy Kingdom02:27
114A New Partner00:03
115Still, the Road is Full of Dangers01:35
116Invincible Star00:20
117Fight Against a Stronger Monster01:21
118Here's Some Weapons!01:23
119Fight Against an Armed Boss01:52
120aGot a Star Piece (part 1)00:12
120bGot a Star Piece (part 2)00:20
121The Dungeon is Full of Monsters01:06
122Let's Go Down the Wine River01:08
123Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles00:48
125Sad Song00:52
126Let's Play 'Geno'01:12
127Geno Awakens01:21
128Beware the Forest's Mushrooms02:02
129Rose Town00:55
130From Inside the Earthen Pipe01:06
131Welcome! Yo'ster Island!!01:26
132Let's Race01:02
133Hard-Working Moles are Good Moles01:31
134Docaty Mountain Railroad02:18
135Welcome to Booster Tower01:28
136And my Name's Booster02:00
137Long Long Ago...01:22
138aHeart Beating a Little Faster (part 1)00:21
138bHeart Beating a Little Faster (part 2)00:03
201The Merry Marry Bell Rings02:20
203The Starlight's Flower01:11
204Sunken Ship02:58
205Going Shopping in Seaside Town01:20
206My Paradise ~ Monstro Town03:31
207Fight Against Culex02:18
208Victory Over Culex00:44
209Conversation with Culex01:10
210You and Toadofski Create Exquisite Music00:27
211Let's Do the Fooka-Fooka!02:54
212Margarie Margarita02:06
213Dodo's Coming!!00:56
214Barrel Volcano01:42
215The Axem Rangers Drop in01:12
216Bowser's Castle (Second Time)02:46
217Weapons Factory02:41
218Fight Against Smithy01:49
219Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming02:24
220aGoodbye Geno01:53
220bSeeing Dreams Through the Window of the Stars02:28
221aHappy Parade, Delightful Parade04:36
221bAnd the Parade Draws to a Close...01:32
222The End!03:28
b01Excited Gardener00:29
b02Sunken Ship (After Calamari)02:54
b03Quiz Master Lose04:04
b04Game Over (Battle)01:55
b05Game Over (Boss Battle)02:00
b06Game Over (Major Boss)03:25
b07Game Over (Culex)04:31
b08Game Over (Smithy 1)03:12
b09Game Over (Smithy 2)04:49
s01Grate Guy's Casino00:36
s02Melody Bay00:16
s03Race Training00:19
s04On Booster's Hill00:17
s06Wishing Star00:27
s07Whistling in the Shower00:15
s08Get Coin!00:01
s09Get Frog Coin!00:02
s10Lose Coins!00:02
s11Treasure Box00:01
s12Get Small Item!00:01
s13Grand Prize Give-Away00:01
s14Signal Ring00:01
s15Link's Appearance00:02
s16Go to Sleep00:01
s17Enter Battle00:01
s18Battle Bells (Elegy)00:05
s19Battle Bells (Lulla-Bye)00:06
s20Battle Bells (Doom Reverb)00:05
s21Battle Bells (S'crow Bell)00:05
s22Tadpole Melody (Do)00:01
s23Tadpole Melody (Re)00:01
s24Tadpole Melody (Mi)00:01
s25Tadpole Melody (Fa)00:01
s26Tadpole Melody (So)00:01
s27Tadpole Melody (La)00:01
s28Tadpole Melody (Ti)00:01
s29Unknown Jingle00:03
v01Yoshi 100:01
v02Yoshi 200:01
v03Yoshi 300:01
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