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NTSC-J Super Donkey Kong 2: Dixie & Diddy
???????????? ???????????
Super Donkey Kong 2: Dixie & Diddy
Composer: David Wise
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: Tuesday, 21 November 1995
Dumper: Datschge, Agustin Huambachano, YK, nensondubois
Tagger: Datschge, Agustin Huambachano

Project dkq version 1.06 released on 2011-02-26, 109 tracks, 346kb, downloaded 5311 times

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The set also covers following related games:
PAL Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
NTSC Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest


01K. Rool Returns00:38
02Welcome to Crocodile Isle01:09
03Klomp's Romp02:26
04Lockjaw's Saga01:52
05Jib Jig02:11
06Swanky's Swing00:56
07Snakey Chantey01:35
08Bayou Boogie02:59
09School House Harmony01:48
10Forest Interlude04:33
11Funky the Main Monkey01:35
12Flight of the Zinger 02:59
13Cranky's Conga01:22
14Hot-Head Bop03:40
15Run, Rambi! Run!00:51
16aToken Tango00:53
17Stickerbrush Symphony04:23
18Bad Bird Rag02:04
19Disco Train03:23
20Boss Bossanova01:10
21Steel Drum Rhumba01:21
22Krook's March03:38
23Klubba's Reveille01:07
24Haunted Chase02:14
25In a Snow-Bound Land 03:08
26Lost World Anthem01:37
27Primal Rave03:22
28Crocodile Cacophony01:58
29Donkey Kong Rescued02:27
31Player Down (Klomp's Romp)00:03
32Player Down (Lockjaw's Saga)00:05
33Player Down (Jib Jig)00:04
34Player Down (Snakey Chantey)00:04
35aPlayer Down (Bayou Boogie 1)00:07
35bPlayer Down (Bayou Boogie 2)00:07
36Player Down (Forest Interlude)00:07
37Player Down (Flight of the Zinger)00:12
38Player Down (Hot Head Bop)00:04
39Player Down (Stickerbrush Symphony)00:05
40Player Down (Disco Train)00:04
41Player Down (Mining Melancholy)00:07
42Player Down (Krook's March)00:04
43Player Down (Haunted Chase)00:04
44Player Down (In a Snow-Bound Land)00:05
45Player Down (Primal Rave)00:05
46aDiddy Clear (Klomp's Romp)00:23
46bDiddy Clear (Lockjaw's Saga)00:23
46cDiddy Clear (Jib Jig)00:23
46dDiddy Clear (Snakey Chantey)00:23
46eDiddy Clear (Bayou Boogie)00:23
46fDiddy Clear (Forest Interlude)00:23
46gDiddy Clear (Flight of the Zinger)00:23
46hDiddy Clear (Hot Head Bop)00:23
46iDiddy Clear (Stickerbrush Symphony)00:23
46jDiddy Clear (Disco Train)00:23
46kDiddy Clear (Mining Melancholy)00:23
46lDiddy Clear (Krook's March)00:23
46mDiddy Clear (Haunted Chase)00:23
46nDiddy Clear (In a Snow-Bound Land)00:23
46oDiddy Clear (Primal Rave)00:23
47aDixie Clear (Klomp's Romp)00:19
47bDixie Clear (Lockjaw's Saga)00:19
47cDixie Clear (Jib Jig)00:19
47dDixie Clear (Snakey Chantey)00:19
47eDixie Clear (Bayou Boogie)00:19
47fDixie Clear (Forest Interlude)00:19
47gDixie Clear (Flight of the Zinger)00:19
47hDixie Clear (Hot Head Bop)00:19
47iDixie Clear (Stickerbrush Symphony)00:19
47jDixie Clear (Disco Train)00:19
47kDixie Clear (Mining Melancholy)00:19
47lDixie Clear (Krook's March)00:19
47mDixie Clear (Haunted Chase)00:19
47nDixie Clear (In a Snow-Bound Land)00:19
47oDixie Clear (Primal Rave)00:19
48aStronghold Showdown00:22
48bThe Flying Krock00:34
49aPlayer Down (Crocodile Cacophony)00:05
49bDiddy Clear (Crocodile Cacophony)00:23
49cDixie Clear (Crocodile Cacophony)00:19
50Game Over00:18
s01Mining Melancholy03:35
s02Bonus Intro00:56
s03aStage Clear (Klomp's Romp)00:03
s03bStage Clear (Lockjaw's Saga)00:03
s03cStage Clear (Jib Jig)00:03
s03dStage Clear (Snakey Chantey)00:03
s03eStage Clear (Bayou Boogie)00:03
s03fStage Clear (Forest Interlude)00:03
s03gStage Clear (Flight of the Zinger)00:03
s03hStage Clear (Hot Head Bop)00:03
s03iStage Clear (Stickerbrush Symphony)00:03
s03jStage Clear (Disco Train)00:03
s03kStage Clear (Mining Melancholy)00:03
s03lStage Clear (Krook's March)00:03
s03mStage Clear (Haunted Chase)00:03
s03nStage Clear (In a Snow-Bound Land)00:03
s03oStage Clear (Primal Rave)00:03
s04aPlayer Down (Boss Bossanova)00:04
s04bDiddy Clear (Boss Bossanova)00:23
s04cDixie Clear (Boss Bossanova)00:19
s05Ending Ambience00:17
s06K. Rool's Letter00:01
s07a1-up Balloon (part 1)00:01
s07b1-up Balloon (part 2)00:01
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