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NTSC-J Seiken Densetsu 2
Seiken Densetsu 2
Composer: Hiroki Kikuta
Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Released: Friday, 6 August 1993
Dumper: Datschge, YK
Tagger: Datschge, Susan Carriere, World Wizard

Project sd2 version 1.04 released on 2012-05-27, 69 tracks, 182kb, downloaded 5042 times

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01Fear of the Heavens01:33
02A Curious Tale02:27
03Phantom and a Rose02:24
04Together Always01:56
05Fond Memories01:44
06aInto the Thick of it03:24
06bInto the Thick of it (Echo)03:24
07The Color of the Summer Sky02:18
08aDancing Animals02:19
08bDancing Animals (Echo)02:19
09Distant Thunder03:17
10The Little Sprite01:28
11It Happened Late One Evening01:02
12In the Dead of the Night01:10
13Mystic Invasion01:10
14Secret of the Arid Sands02:00
15What the Forest Taught Me01:51
16A Wish01:43
17Spirit of the Night02:41
18Did You See the Ocean?03:54
20Calm Before the Storm03:45
21The Wind Never Ceases02:07
22Flight into the Unknown02:39
23Eternal Recurrence02:59
24The Legend02:44
25A Bell is Tolling02:49
26A Curious Happening01:54
27Monarch on the Shore02:20
28aThe Dark Star02:16
28bThe Dark Star (No Echo)02:16
30Steel and Snare03:05
31aWhisper and Mantra01:49
31bWhisper and Mantra (Echo)01:49
33Morning is Here01:48
34Leave Time for Love02:08
35Still of the Night05:06
36The Curse02:09
37The Oracle02:59
38A Conclusion01:06
39I Won't Forget01:28
40One of Them is Hope01:42
41Meridian Dance03:38
42Now Flightless Wings02:10
43The Second Truth From the Left04:36
44I Closed My Eyes00:41
b01Unused Jingle 100:03
b02Unused Jingle 200:06
s02Ally Joins00:05
s04Got an Item00:02
s05Midge Mallet00:03
s06Elemental Acquired00:02
s07Mara's Key00:02
s08Boss Defeated00:11
s09Got Weapon Orb00:01
s10Level Up!00:02
s11Weapon Level Up!00:02
s12Magic Level Up!00:02
s13Cannon Travel Launch00:09
s14Cannon Travel00:09
s15Flammie Drum00:02
s16Flammie Coming00:06
s17Flammie Voice00:02
s18New Continent Rises00:27
s19Mysterious Moaning00:08
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