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Beta Gokujou Parodius

Gokujou Parodius
Composer: Keroppi Inoue, Nobuyuki Akena
Developer: n/a
Publisher: n/a
Released: n/a
Dumper: Guy, Datschge
Tagger: Joshua Kaufman, Datschge

Project gp version 1.01 released on 2004-05-04, 44 tracks, 203kb, downloaded 4232 times

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02Good Ol' Days...00:24
03Show Time in the Parodius00:58
04Let's Go Together!00:45
05Vic Viper & Lord British's Theme00:42
06In the Crane Game01:44
07Dancing Panda01:35
08Takosuke & Belial's Theme00:46
09Battleship Cat Forever01:32
10I am Eliza00:49
11Twinbee & Winbee's Theme00:53
12Athletics Cry for the Candies01:19
13Cooking Mambo01:25
14Pentaro & Hanako's Theme00:41
15Run! Run! Run!01:11
16Hikaru & Akane's Theme00:41
17Space Hit Parade02:13
18Capsule Monster Capuchin01:28
19Mambo & Samba's Theme00:47
20The Brothers' Ships Move Again01:12
21Yoshiko & Yoshio's Love01:10
22Michael & Gabrielle's Theme00:43
23What Do You See When You're Jumping?02:43
24Oh, Kaguya Princess!01:09
25The Kaguya Princess's Realization00:03
26Koitsu & Doitsu's Theme00:45
27Baro Dancing00:00
28Rikaon, The Beat01:19
29Taste My Life01:02
30Hey, The Ancient Hero!00:11
31Loving Farewell01:53
32aShooting Memories (part 1)01:02
32bShooting Memories (part 2)00:58
32cShooting Memories (part 3)00:48
32dShooting Memories (part 4)01:07
32eShooting Memories (part 5)00:44
32fShooting Memories (part 6)00:54
33Mr. Bex X's Theme00:53
34Premium Continue!00:37
35Premium Game Over!00:07
36Premium Ranking!00:52
37Play Again!00:11
b-01Dracula's Theme01:16
b-02Goemon's Theme01:05
b-03Upa's Theme00:52
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