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Beta Fireteam Rogue

Fireteam Rogue
Composer: Matt Berardo, Scott Shelley
Developer: Accolade
Publisher: n/a
Released: 1994
Dumper: KungFuFurby
Tagger: KungFuFurby

Project ftm version 1.00 released on 2012-06-19, 127 tracks, 234kb, downloaded 4109 times

Download SPC Soundtrack

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This game is a lonewolf.


02aMain Theme (Early Proto)01:01
02bMain Theme (Later Proto)01:01
03aThe Red Citadel 100:36
03bThe Red Citadel 200:29
03cThe Red Citadel 300:58
03dThe Red Citadel 400:45
03eThe Red Citadel 500:37
04The Red Citadel (Danger 1)00:36
05aThe Red Citadel (Danger 2-1)00:14
05bThe Red Citadel (Danger 2-2)00:18
05cThe Red Citadel (Danger 2-3)00:21
05dThe Red Citadel (Danger 2-X)00:29
06The Red Citadel (Danger 3)00:14
07aThe Temple of the Eye 100:16
07bThe Temple of the Eye 200:17
07cThe Temple of the Eye 300:17
07dThe Temple of the Eye 400:17
07eThe Temple of the Eye 500:17
07fThe Temple of the Eye 600:26
07gThe Temple of the Eye 700:48
07hThe Temple of the Eye 800:48
07iThe Temple of the Eye 900:17
07jThe Temple of the Eye 1000:17
07kThe Temple of the Eye 1100:23
07lThe Temple of the Eye X100:17
07mThe Temple of the Eye X200:09
08aThe Temple of the Eye (Danger 1)00:08
08bThe Temple of the Eye (Danger 2)00:44
08cThe Temple of the Eye (Danger 3)00:44
08dThe Temple of the Eye (Danger 4)00:17
08eThe Temple of the Eye (Danger 5)00:17
08fThe Temple of the Eye (Danger 6)00:26
08gThe Temple of the Eye (Danger 7)00:26
08hThe Temple of the Eye (Danger 8)00:26
08iThe Temple of the Eye (Danger 9)00:44
08jThe Temple of the Eye (Danger 10)00:35
09aThe Amulet 100:14
09bThe Amulet 1X00:04
09cThe Amulet 200:23
09dThe Amulet 2X00:08
09eThe Amulet 300:15
09fThe Amulet 3X00:04
09gThe Amulet 400:15
09hThe Amulet 4X00:04
09iThe Amulet 500:38
09jThe Amulet 5X00:16
09kThe Amulet 600:14
09lThe Amulet 6X00:04
09mThe Amulet 700:38
09nThe Amulet 7X00:16
09oThe Amulet 800:15
09pThe Amulet 8X00:04
09qThe Amulet 900:19
09rThe Amulet 9X00:04
09sThe Amulet X100:15
09tThe Amulet X200:04
10aThe Amulet (Danger 1)00:23
10bThe Amulet (Danger 1X)00:08
10cThe Amulet (Danger 2)00:31
10dThe Amulet (Danger 2X)00:08
10eThe Amulet (Danger 3)00:23
10fThe Amulet (Danger 3X)00:08
10gThe Amulet (Danger 4)00:31
10hThe Amulet (Danger 4X)00:08
10iThe Amulet (Danger 5)00:23
10jThe Amulet (Danger 5X)00:08
10kThe Amulet (Danger 6)00:31
10lThe Amulet (Danger 6X)00:08
10mThe Amulet (Danger 7)00:08
10nThe Amulet (Danger 7X)00:02
10oThe Amulet (Danger 8)00:14
10pThe Amulet (Danger 9)00:31
10qThe Amulet (Danger 9X)00:12
10rThe Amulet (Danger 10)00:23
10sThe Amulet (Danger 10X)00:08
10tThe Amulet (Danger 11)00:14
11aWatermurk 100:23
11bWatermurk 200:23
11cWatermurk 300:23
11dWatermurk 400:23
11eWatermurk 500:30
11fWatermurk 600:14
11gWatermurk 700:14
12aWatermurk (Danger 1)00:08
12bWatermurk (Danger 2)00:23
12cWatermurk (Danger 3)00:23
12dWatermurk (Danger 4)00:30
12eWatermurk (Danger 5)00:23
12fWatermurk (Danger 6)00:31
12gWatermurk (Danger 7)00:23
12hWatermurk (Danger 8)00:30
14aBoss Battle 100:20
14bBoss Battle 200:20
14cBoss Battle 300:20
14dBoss Battle 400:20
14eBoss Battle 500:20
14fBoss Battle 600:20
14gBoss Battle 700:20
14hBoss Battle 800:13
14iBoss Battle 900:20
14jBoss Battle 1000:26
14kBoss Battle 1100:20
15The Temple of the Eye Clear00:06
16The Red Citadel Clear00:05
17The Amulet Clear00:15
18Watermurk Clear00:06
19aTerrak Xum 100:22
19bTerrak Xum X1-100:22
19cTerrak Xum 1X00:08
19dTerrak Xum X1-200:08
19eTerrak Xum 200:21
19fTerrak Xum X200:21
19gTerrak Xum 300:37
19hTerrak Xum X300:37
20aTerrak Xum (Danger 1-1)00:22
20bTerrak Xum (Danger 1-2)00:52
20cTerrak Xum (Danger 1-3)00:52
21aTerrak Xum (Danger 2)00:37
21bTerrak Xum (Danger X1)00:37
21cTerrak Xum (Danger X2)00:15
21dTerrak Xum (Danger X3)00:15
22aTerrak Xum (Danger 3-1)00:02
22bTerrak Xum (Danger 3-2)00:02
22cTerrak Xum (Danger 3-3)00:02
b01Unknown Song00:30
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