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NTSC Legend of The Mystical Ninja

Legend of The Mystical Ninja
Composer: Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Released: 1992
Dumper: YK
Tagger: YK

Project gg version 1.02 released on 2011-11-22, 83 tracks, 129kb, downloaded 4376 times

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01Konami Logo00:03
02Title Fanfare00:04
03Title ~ Theme of Goemon02:15
05Back Into Adventure00:27
06Introduction ~ No Close Ups!01:23
07The Adventure Begins...00:07
08Oedo ~ Goemon's Home01:33
09Invasion of Evil Spirits01:18
10Horo Temple00:41
11Mystical Ghost's Spooky Fanfare00:10
12It's a Monster!!00:33
13Shapeshifting Ninja Cat00:55
14Travelling to a New Land00:15
15Shikoku Island01:03
16Dance! Dance!00:43
17Leader of the Ninja Cats01:09
18Awaji Island00:47
19The Happiest Place in Japan!00:42
20Town of Yamato01:16
21Headquarters of the Otafu Army01:19
22Spunky Female Ninja01:11
23aMountain Village Iga01:09
23bMountain Village Iga (No Intro)01:00
24Castle of Ninjas01:28
26Wisdom of the Ages01:02
27Kyoto ~ Ancient Capital of Japan01:10
28Tengu Mountains01:27
29Izumo ~ Dragon Pond01:38
30The Truth Reflected00:54
31Ryukyu Kingdom01:59
32King Ryukyu's Secret02:08
33Surprise Attack!00:27
34Returning to a Surprise00:28
35Ohedojyo Castle Dungeon00:50
36Road to the Flying Castle01:52
37Yuki Rescued ~ The End01:00
38All's Well That Ends Well03:11
39Hidden Treasure!00:36
40Game Over!00:04
41An Ordinary Person's Home00:49
42A Strange Man's Home00:39
43A Beautiful Woman's Home00:54
44A Helpful Fellow's Home00:41
45Buy Something or Get Out!00:38
46How About a Burger?01:10
47Keep an Adventure Log?01:00
48Travel in Style00:58
49You Need More Training!00:35
50In Your Future, I see...01:19
51Rest and Relaxation00:35
52Good Night...01:03
53Quiet Steam Bath00:51
54Enter the Card Game00:53
55A Game of Chance01:05
56A Game of Luck00:46
57A Game of Skill00:29
58A Game of Simple Enjoyment01:17
59A Game of Memory01:02
60A Game of Trivia00:35
61Goemon and Ebisumaru Live!00:44
62Place Your Bets!00:30
63Aaaaand They're Off!00:33
64May You Have Good Luck01:10
65Lost in the Labyrinth00:55
66Old-Fashioned Challenger01:10
67Painting Panic!01:20
68Balancing Act00:47
69Arcade-Style Fun!00:40
70Gradius ~ Vic Viper's Theme00:55
71Gradius ~ Space Shooting00:51
72Gradius ~ Boss Battle00:20
73Gradius ~ Game Over00:02
74Exciting Theatre00:39
75Ebisumaru's 'Alluring' Dance00:28
76Sexy Strip Show!00:56
s01Master of Trivia!00:06
s02The Wall is Gone!00:04
s03Your Horse Won!00:02
s04Your Horse Lost...00:04
s06Koban Speaks00:01
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