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NTSC Kirby Super Star

Kirby Super Star
Composer: Jun Ishikawa, Dan Miyakawa
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: 1996
Dumper: Sephiro444, YK, Dragon Fogel
Tagger: Datschge, YK, Warpstar

Project kss version 1.02 released on 2007-12-11, 70 tracks, 171kb, downloaded 4844 times

Download SPC Soundtrack

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01Kirby Super Star00:14
03Time to Learn01:17
04Nighttime Activities00:28
05Green Greens01:02
06Float Islands01:10
07Bubbly Clouds01:39
08Boss Battle01:44
09Victory Star 100:16
10Kirby Dance00:06
11King Dedede's Theme01:44
12Together with the Spring Breeze01:37
13Interrupted Sleep00:26
14White Wing Dynablade01:11
15Dynablade Overworld01:00
16Peanut Plain01:27
17Marshmallow Castle02:01
18Cocoa Cave02:13
19Candy Mountain02:16
20Kirby Dance (Short)00:03
21Going after Dynablade00:33
22Choose Your Weapon00:22
23Dynablade's Nest00:17
24Dyna's Chicks00:18
25Dreaming of Food00:12
26Crash! Gourmet Race00:56
27Run, Kirby, Run!02:16
28Hilltop Chase02:59
29Counting the Wins00:10
31Kirby Wins!00:38
32King Dedede Wins...00:09
33Great Cave Offensive02:57
34Trees in the Depths of the Earth03:45
35Save Hut00:53
36Mine Cart Riding00:52
37Crystal Field and Mystery Paradise03:53
38Battle Windows01:44
39Meta Knight's Scheme00:30
40Revenge of Meta Knight00:06
41Halberd ~ Nightmare Warship02:05
42Grape Garden02:48
43Taking Over the Halberd02:27
44Above the Halberd00:46
45Meta Knight's Theme01:53
46Halberd Escape01:06
47Meta Knight Defeated01:53
48Shooting Star00:01
49Milky Way Wishes01:38
50Flying Through Outer Space02:01
51Victory Star 200:33
52Wishing with Nova00:36
53Heart of Nova01:48
54Marx's Theme02:12
55Kirby's Triumphant Return00:18
56Victory Star 300:33
58He's Done For00:03
59Game Over00:03
60Floating Away01:05
61Megaton Punch01:34
62Instant Sword Death01:08
63Way of the Fighting King01:22
64Gladiator Kirby02:06
65Staff Roll05:02
s01Extra Life00:02
s03Microphone Scream 100:02
s04Microphone Scream 200:02
s05Microphone Scream 300:03
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