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Matt Furniss

Also known as: Chronos

Matt Furniss's Workography:

PAL Mickey Mania
NTSC Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse
NTSC-J Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (ミッキーマニア)

Beta Mighty Max
PAL Mighty Max
NTSC Mighty Max

Beta Manchester United Championship Soccer
PAL Manchester United Championship Soccer

NTSC Adventures of Kid Kleets, The
Beta Soccer Kid
PAL Soccer Kid
NTSC-J Soccer Kid (サッカーキッド)

4 works by Matt Furniss are listed

Games available on the sister sites pmh & cmh

NTSC Alien 3 GG
PAL Alien 3 GG
NTSC-J Alien 3 (エイリアン3) GG

NTSC Chuck Rock GG
PAL Chuck Rock GG
NTSC-J Chuck Rock (チャックロック) GG

NTSC Cool Spot GG
PAL Cool Spot GG

NTSC Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story GG
PAL Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story GG


NTSC Lemmings GG
PAL Lemmings GG
NTSC-J Lemmings (レミングス) GG

NTSC Mortal Kombat II GG
PAL Mortal Kombat II GG
NTSC-J Mortal Kombat II: Kyukyoku Shinken (モータルコンバットII 究極神拳) GG

NTSC Predator 2 GG
PAL Predator 2 GG

NTSC Prince of Persia GG
PAL Prince of Persia GG

NTSC Road Rash GG
PAL Road Rash GG

NTSC Robocop 3 GG
PAL Robocop 3 GG
NTSC-J Robocop 3 (ロボコップ3) GG

NTSC Soccer Kid GBA
PAL Soccer Kid GBA

NTSC Super Smash T.V. GG
PAL Super Smash T.V. GG
NTSC-J Super Smash T.V. (スマッシュTV) GG

NTSC The Incredible Crash Dummies GG
PAL The Incredible Crash Dummies GG
NTSC-J Crash Dummy: Slick Bouya no Daichousen (クラッシュ・ダミー スリック坊やの大挑戦) GG

NTSC The Lion King GG
PAL The Lion King GG
NTSC-J The Lion King (ライオンキング) GG

PAL Daffy Duck in Hollywood GG

PAL Wolfchild GG

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