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Tommy Tallarico

Tommy Tallarico's Workography:

Beta Cool Spot
PAL Cool Spot
NTSC Cool Spot
NTSC-J Cool Spot (クールスポット)

Beta Earthworm Jim 2
PAL Earthworm Jim 2
NTSC Earthworm Jim 2

NTSC-J Jungle Book (ジャングルブック)
Beta Jungle Book
PAL Jungle Book
NTSC Jungle Book

NTSC Jim Lee's Wild C.A.T.S.: Covert Action Teams

NTSC Madden NFL '96

Beta Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators

NTSC Super Caesar's Palace
Beta Super Caesars Palace
NTSC-J Super Casino: Caesars Palace (スーパーカジノ シーザースパレス)

NTSC Super Slap Shot
NTSC-J Super Slap Shot (スーパースラップショット)

8 works by Tommy Tallarico are listed

Games available on the sister sites pmh & cmh

NTSC Cool Spot GB
PAL Cool Spot GB

NTSC Earthworm Jim GBA
PAL Earthworm Jim GBA

NTSC Earthworm Jim 2 GBA
PAL Earthworm Jim 2 GBA

NTSC Jeep Jamboree: Off-Road Adventure GB

NTSC Pac-Man World Rally PSP

NTSC Prince of Persia GB
PAL Prince of Persia GB
NTSC-J Prince of Persia (プリンスオブペルシャ) GB

NTSC Snoopy vs the Red Baron PSP

NTSC Wings of Fury GBC
PAL Wings of Fury GBC

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