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Atari Games

All games developed by Atari Games

PAL Primal Rage
NTSC Primal Rage

PAL Race Drivin
NTSC Race Drivin

NTSC Rampart

NTSC Super R.B.I. Baseball

PAL Road Riot 4WD
NTSC Road Riot 4WD

5 games developed by Atari Games are listed

Games available on the sister sites pmh & cmh

NTSC Arcade Classic No. 2: Centipede & Millipede SGB
PAL Arcade Classic No. 2: Centipede & Millipede SGB

NTSC Arcade Classics: Centipede & Missile Command GG

NTSC Gauntlet II GB
PAL Gauntlet II GB

NTSC Marble Madness GB
PAL Marble Madness GB

NTSC Marble Madness / Klax GBA
PAL Marble Madness / Klax GBA

NTSC Paperboy GBC
PAL Paperboy GBC

NTSC Paperboy / Rampage GBA
PAL Paperboy / Rampage GBA

NTSC Primal Rage GB
PAL Primal Rage GB

NTSC Race Drivin' GB
PAL Race Drivin' GB

NTSC Rampart GB
PAL Rampart GB
NTSC-J Rampart (ランパート) GB

NTSC Toobin' GBC

NTSC-J Klax (クラックス) GB

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