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Juiced: Eliminator
US: Juiced: Eliminator released 2006.06.28 by THQ
EU: Juiced: Eliminator released 2006.07.28 by THQ
Japan: Juiced: Eliminator (ジュースド エリミネーター) released 2007.05.24 by THQ
Composer: Bob Standard, Titus Gein, Paris, Swain, Subsource, Sennah, Limp Bizkit, Hoobastank, The All-American Rejects, Queens Of The Stone Age, Metric, Life As Is, Blossom Dearie, Mr.Frisk, Born Tricky, 8 Fold, Fall Out Boy
Developer: Juice
Ripper: Knurek
Timer: Knurek
Tagger: Knurek

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